Arielle Kebbel Gets News About a Struggling Friend on Hollywood Medium: "This Person's Not Alone"

Actress got some much appreciated confirmation that her loved one will be taken care of

By Vannessa Jackson Apr 06, 2018 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Tyler Henry's Reading Brings Arielle Kebbel to Tears

Someone's watching out for her! 

Tyler Henry sits down with actress Arielle Kebbel and has some reassuring words about a dear friend of hers on this week's episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry

"It's weird, I hear quality over quantity. They are having me bring up not having medical procedures, but they're putting a pause on this," he tells her while holding an object from her friend. "For some reason they're not having me acknowledge getting this done. They're having me acknowledge waiting. Obviously we have to, we have to get it done," Tyler explains to Arielle. 

Although she doesn't reveal the name of who he is talking about, it is very clear to Arielle what he's referring to. "This person is going through a lot of struggle. Everything you're saying makes total sense to me," she explains to Tyler. 

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"The thing is, this person's going to deal with difficulty eating, difficulty swallowing and difficulty breathing...I want to make sure this person is getting full nutrients. They're having me talk about a liquid diet," Tyler shares. "I need you to know that when this person passes, they're not going to go alone. Someone will be able to be there and take this person, and this will happen peacefully. But this person's watched over. This person's not alone."

That was exactly the validation that she was looking for. "Thank you. That was obviously someone I love dearly," she shares through tears. "Thank you to whoever is watching over them!" 

"Sometimes those on the other side are just as aware of what's going on in the here and the now and that can be helpful too," Tyler shares with a grateful Arielle.  

See the sweet reading in the clip above! 

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