The Royals Recap: Gasp! Jasper's Dad is Back and He's Dating Someone Inside the Palace

He's come all the way to England to carry out his biggest con yet!

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Jasper's dad (Richard Brake) is back and he's about to carry out his biggest con yet. But before we get to that, we've got a blackout to unpack!

On this week's The Royals, we pick up with the city of London in total emergency. Rioters have taken to the streets and police are on the ground trying to diffuse the chaos King Robert's (Max Brown) total blackout left in its wake. 

"Several hours without power in the middle of a God damn heat wave! I want to speak to the prime minister," the king said to his head of security, James Hill (Rocky Marshall).

If the king pretending like he had nothing to do with it isn't bad enough, Queen Helena's (Elizabeth Hurley) gone missing too. 

Don't worry, she hasn't run off too far. Helena and Cyrus (Jake Maskall) conveniently got locked in their favorite place: the palace's wine cellar. But without power, it's going to be hard to escape. 

"If I had to guess, the power's out. And the lock on that door is electric. And without electricity, even a team of Catherine the Great's favorite horses couldn't open that door," Cyrus told Helena.

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It looks like someone else was in the mood for wine. The grand duchess (Joan Collins) emerged from the darkness for a little night cap and an extended stay at the palace.

"This is always my first stop whenever I visit the palace. I need a little bracer before I visit my disappointing daughter," the duchess said.

Not only is the duchess back, she's got some big plans for her stay including a tryst with a mysterious Italian, Count Bellagio, who she's been feverishly writing erotica to.

"I've invited him here to stay with me," The duchess revealed.

"Here? That's why you've come here. You've run out of money and you don't want your poor count to find out so you've invited your Italian stallion here. Well, you can forget it! I've converted your room into a closet for my shoes," Helena snapped back.

They're not the only ones trapped in the blackout. Jasper's (Tom Austengone MIA as well. And while Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) is determined to continue to spread good amidst the chaos, she's also adamant about getting Jasper home safely.

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"Robbie, Jasper is in South London. He was supposed to be coming home tonight. What if he's caught in the middle of it all?" Eleanor frantically asked her brother.

"Look, if anyone can handle themselves out there, it's Jasper," Robert responded. "Yeah normally, but he's injured, we have to go and find him!" Eleanor yelled.

Per the king's orders, Eleanor was forced to stay safely in the palace with Willow (Genevieve Gaunt) while Robert went out to look for the body guard who saved his life.

"I owe him my life. Besides, it's kind of important to my sister," Robert told Eleanor and Willow before making his way onto the dark city streets.

But before Robert could save a stranded Jasper from a gang of rioters looking to seize the ambulance meant to take him home, someone else stumbled upon him...his father! 

"You look like s--t son," Jasper's dad said before dragging his son's injured body out of the ambulance.

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"No. Forget it, forget it. Just leave me here," Jasper pleaded with his dad.

Even though he didn't want his dad's hep let alone his company, Jasper obliged him until he got up to his old ways again and tried to steal a suit from a local shop.

"Whatever you're up to, whatever you've got planned, I don't want any part of it. Hope the suit fits. Goodbye dad," Jasper said before walking away.

While Jasper made his way back home, King Robert managed to band South London together in a march of unity across the bridge that divides the city. 

"As sovereign of the Commonwealth and as commander and chief of the armed forces, I instruct my military to stand down. This bridge will be a symbol. Not only symbolizing the unification of this city, but the very moment we came together as people to rise above troubled waters, together!" Robert told the concerned crowd.

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As day broke and the power flickered on, Robert and his crowd of commoners emerged on palace grounds along with Jasper, who had someone special waiting for him inside.

"Are you okay?" Eleanor asked Jasper. "I've never been better," Jasper replied. "Good. Welcome home," Eleanor said before giving Jasper a big kiss.

After reuniting, the family prepared to meet the duchess' elusive count. Remember that con? Here it is: Count Bellagio is Jasper's dad!

"Bellissimo, bellissimo. Ciao. Saluti, " Jasper's dad said in his crafted Italian accent.

"FML," Jasper grunted under his breath after locking eyes with  his dad.

So what's next for Jasper and his dad? What about Count Bellagio and the grand duchess? You'll have to tune in next week to find out!

For everything that went down in this week's episode, watch the recap video above!

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