Lucy Hale's Grandmother Has a Sweet Message for Her on Hollywood Medium: ''We Wish She Could Be Here to See What I've Done''

Actress has a touching connection with her late grandmother

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Watch: Tyler Henry Connects Lucy Hale to Her Late Grandmother

Sometimes we just need a little reminder...

Lucy Hale sat down with Tyler Henry as he channeled her grandmother on Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, and she got way more than she bargained for. The actress revealed that she had never had a reading before, but this may not be her last after the incredible things Tyler was able to tell her. 

Tyler began the reading by getting a image of a woman dancing in a specific way. After miming the movement for Lucy, she was instantly aware of what that symbolized. "I have a photograph framed of my grandmother with friends, and they're all doing that," she shared with him. 

"Wow. That's just her way of validating she's with you," he shared with her. "That blew my mind mind," Lucy shares. "I have the photo. It's in my house. I got it framed. I definitely felt like I was with her today. But then again, I always feel close to her."

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Tyler still had lots more to share with the Pretty Little Liars actress and even a sweet message from beyond. "This person is also having me bring forward your success," Tyler reveals. "It's funny, she's showing me the…what? What is this? It's puppets...what is this?" 

"My grandmother had this chest in her house with a bunch of toys," Lucy explains. "It was like a cloth, like, I don't know if it was duck or a pig but I would always play with it." Which just stands as a symbol of what she was hoping to hear from her grandmother. 

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"She's bringing me to that time in your life and she already felt like you were going to be something special, even back then. There is something about you at that younger age that she was able to identify," he shares with her. "She kind of believed in you before you even believed in yourself." 

"Me and my sister talk about it all the time. We wish she could be here to see what I've done," Lucy shares. "I don't think many people thought in my family that it would be what it is. But I always think she did."

See the shocking moment in the clip above! 

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