Shaun Threatens to Back Out of Helping Megan Destroy IHM on The Arrangement: "I Thought You Were On My Side?"

Could she be losing the only person who truly knows what she's going through?

By Vannessa Jackson Mar 30, 2018 12:00 PMTags
Watch: Megan Morrison and BFF Shaun Argue Over IHM

Alliances are being tested. 

It's getting harder than Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) thought to infiltrate IHM. On this week's episode of The Arrangement, the one person who was on her side may be backing down. 

Shaun (Carra Patterson) has reached the end of her rope and Megan is leaving her no choice. "I could be fired, even disbarred for what I'm doing," Shaun tells her. "Do you not want to help me?" Megan asks her. Shaun was her best link to Terence (Michael Vartan), and without her, the whole plan could go haywire.

"Help you what? What's even the plan here, Megan?" Shaun presses her. "Go to the police? The press? What's your next move?" Megan hadn't really thought it through that far and is feeling a little cornered. 

Megan Morrison and Terence Anderson's Intense Moment

"Why are you grilling me like this, Shaun? I thought you were on my side?" she tells her. While Shaun will always have her back, this mission may be a little too much for her to handle. 

"I am. I just...I think I need to take a step back," she shares with Megan. "Wow. So you're choosing IHM? Terence?" Megan accuses her.  

"No," Shaun explains. "I'm choosing me." 

See their intense argument in the clip above! 

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