Tiffany Haddish Can't Reveal Who Bit Beyoncé Because She Signed an NDA

"NDAs are real," she said in an Instagram live video

By Elyse Dupre Mar 29, 2018 3:06 PMTags

Tiffany Haddish isn't revealing who bit Beyonce, especially if she signed a non-disclosure agreement. 

The 38-year-old actress claimed she signed an NDA during an Instagram Live video on Wednesday.

"NDAs are real," she said while getting her hair done. "So, I'm not saying sh-t about nothing."

At first, it looked like Haddish was going to spill the tea. 

"You wanna know who bit Beyoncé? I'm gonna just tell you all. And this is the last time I'm talking about it. I ain't going to say nothing else about it. Let me sip some of my tea," Haddish said earlier in the video, taking a sip from her glass of water. "I'm going to tell you who did it then I'm never talking about it again because, really, it's done. People should be focusing on the real issues at hand, like did you do your taxes? Because taxes is due real soon. Can your children—do they know how to read and write? Have you been working with them on their reading and their writing? Is your house clean? That's what we need to be focusing on. But y'all wanna know. Everybody's going crazy about who bit Beyoncé. I'm going to tell you so this can just be done with."

So, who did she name?

"It was Stormy Daniels," she joked, referencing the adult-film star who's been making headlines for speaking out about an alleged affair with president Donald Trump. "Pay attention to what's really going on! That's not real news. Who bit Beyoncé is not real news!"


Fans know the culprit is an actress—a clue Haddish previously revealed. 

"Stormy Daniels bit Beyonce. She's an actress," Haddish said. "She also works with the president, as I sip my tea (my water tea)."

However, viewers continued to press Haddish for details.

"Why is who bit Beyonce global news? They didn't even, like, take a chunk out of her face," she said. "It's not even that serious."

Near the end of the video, she put her foot down.

"Y'all need to stop asking me about this Beyonce stuff because NDAs are real. I'm not saying nothing else," she said. "I already told you: Stormy Daniels mother f--kers. Stormy Daniels. Let's focus on where focus should be."

Haddish first revealed someone bit Beyonce in an interview with GQ. However, she refused to name names. Chrissy Teigen has also claimed she knows the biter but hasn't identified the culprit, either. Several stars have denied biting Beyonce, including Lena Dunham, Sara Foster and Sanaa Lathan.

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