Chrissy Metz Talks Abuse, Self-Love and Forgiveness in New Memoir

This Is Us star gets candid about what it's like writing a memoir

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Watch: Chrissy Metz Opens Up About New Book "This Is Me"

This is Chrissy Metz...

The This Is Us star caught up with E! News while on her book tour for her new memoir, aptly titled This Is Me. During the conversation, the star talked about what it has been like opening up about her childhood abuse, learning to love herself and forgive the ones who hurt her, namely stepfather Trigger whom she claims hit her and was critical of her weight when she was younger.

But during the chat, Metz, who plays Kate Pearson on the hit show, said that in addition to her stepfather, there's one important person that she found that she had to forgive: herself.

When asked what it feels like being so open about her struggles and her past, Metz says it's "very scary" to reveal the truth.

"I think any time we have to verbalize the truth and or rehash it and be that vulnerable about what happened and then wonder what the reaction is going to be is very scary."

The NBC star says the recent media attention surrounding the book has been "uncomfortable" at times, but adds, "I have to get used to being comfortable with being uncomfortable."

Watch: Forgiveness Is a Big Theme in Chrissy Metz' Book

The 37-year-old actress also talked to E! News about what her relationship with her body is currently.

The candid performer said, "I definitely have great days and I have days that are I am like, 'Oh! Womp, womp' but I think that's when I get in my own head and I get in my own way."

"I try to set myself up for success, so I will eat things that will make me feel good and I will get enough rest and not get in my own head so that I won't start self-sabotaging," adds the actress.

"I am not perfect and I am not screaming that from the mountain tops at all," said the star. "It's more about being work in progress and being gentle and kind with yourself."

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Another topic of conversation was one of the book's main themes—forgiveness, which Metz says is "really hard."

When asked about forgiving her stepfather, who has denied the claims of physical and verbal abuse, Metz says, "I don't think he is necessarily denying it. I think it's really difficult to accept responsibility for your actions."

Metz says she has learned to forgive her stepfather, whom she says was there for her more than her biological father, and that she told the story in her book not to cause a media circus, but to let people know that even the most fractured of relationships can be mended.

She adds, I hope that when he does read, should he be open enough to read it, that he will understand that [the book] wasn't about throwing him under the bus, but just showing people that there is room for forgiveness."

Hopefully her book will cause others to heal their wounds, however great or small.

This Is Me: Loving the Person You Are Today hit bookstores on March 27.

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