When Zach Braff Crashed Sarah Chalke's Interview: Scrubs Revival Talk, Alex, Inc. and Roseanne Jokes and More

Get the scoop on the sly Roseanne and Scrubs reference Zach Braff makes in his new ABC series Alex, Inc.

By Chris Harnick Mar 28, 2018 2:30 PMTags
Watch: Will There Be a "Roseanne" and "Alex, Inc." Crossover?

When Alex, Inc. star Zach Braff crashes your interview with Roseanne's Sarah Chalke, anything can happen. Anything, including asking the duo about a Scrubs revival—and Chalke pretty spot-on impression of Braff—and Braff revealing the sly nod his new ABC series pays to his former Scrubs costar, Chalke. All that happened when Braff crashed E! News' recent chat with Chalke at the PaleyLive screening and panel of Roseanne in New York City.

"It might be happening," Chalke told us about more Scrubs. She and Braff are back on ABC together with shows, but that hasn't stopped fans longing for the return of J.D. Dorian, Elliot Reid, Christopher Turk, Carla Espinosa and Janitor.

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"We get asked this question a lot," Braff told us. The two have standard answers, it seems Chalke has heard Braff's quite a bit because she was able to launch into a perfect impression of her former costar.

"I know your answer too, it's ‘Maybe a movie would be more likely,'" she said mimicking Braff, much to his delight.

Braff said it's more realistic to go the route of Psych, which brought back fan-favorite characters for a special TV movie.

"It's hard to get everyone under contract," Braff said.

In Alex, Inc., Braff's first series regular TV role since Scrubs, the actor plays a radio journalist who quits his job to start his own company. The show features a line referencing Chalke's role on Roseanne as Becky No. 2. She took over the role of Becky Conner when original actress Lecy Goranson went to college. E! News has your exclusive sneak peek at the sly reference above.

"He had to say that because we worked together for so many years," Chalke laughed. Chalke hasn't escaped being Becky No. 2. "Everyone on Scrubs calls me Second Becky," Chalke told us. "For eight years, that was my nickname."

Look for Chalke in the revival season of Roseanne as Andrea, a woman interested in having Becky be her egg donor and pregnancy surrogate.

Watch the videos above for more. Roseanne airs Tuesdays, 8 p.m. and Alex, Inc., premieres Wednesday, March 28 at 8:30 p.m., both on ABC.

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