The Good Doctor: Get Ready for "Twists and Turns" in Season 2

Daniel Dae Kim, Freddie Highmore, David Shore and more sound off on what's to come on the ABC medical drama

By Lauren Piester Mar 27, 2018 3:34 AMTags
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Season one of The Good Doctor may have just ended, but we're already getting some info on what we can expect in season two. 

"David [Shore] has some really wonderful things in store," executive producer Daniel Dae Kim told E! News before the show's PaleyFest panel. "Some really nice character turns. Freddie [Highmore]'s journey—Shaun's journey—is going to have a couple of twists and turns that I find incredibly compelling..." 

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"I'm hoping to continue to explore these themes and these issues and throwing Dr. Murphy into more situations where he's challenged and where he has a unique insight," Executive producer Shore told us. "Because I think the show superficially is about Dr. Murphy learning how to navigate the world, but I think on a deeper level, the show is much more of what Dr. Murphy has to teach us." 

In the finale, Shaun (Highmore) learned that his mentor, Dr. Glassman (Richard Schiff) was dying of an inoperable brain tumor, and he was so distracted that he accidentally almost killed a patient during surgery. 

No one wanted to admit that it was probably Shaun's mistake that nearly killed a frat boy who had consumed both molly and a whole bunch of Tide Pods, but in the end, that was somehow the only conclusion, and Shaun made the decision to rat himself out, despite endangering both his and Glassman's jobs. 

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Speaking of Glassman, we went on quite a roller coaster in terms of what exactly he's dying from and if he's dying at all. First, it was just an inoperable tumor that gave him two years to live. Then, it was an even more inoperable tumor that gave him around four months to live. 

By the end, after a biopsy, he still had a brain tumor, but maybe after a lot of radiation treatments and surgery, maybe he could live a while, which is good news for all of us. Not sure we could have handled this hiatus if he were near death! 

Hit play on the video above for more from the cast on what's to come!

The Good Doctor will return to ABC in the fall. 

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