Did King Robert Just Sabotage London With a Sinister Blackout on The Royals?!

How far will the king go to assert his rule? Watch to find out!

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Prince Liam's (William Moseley) rage has come to a head, but he may have just taken it out on the wrong person!

After tackling who he thought was his brother, King Robert (Max Brown), Liam was shocked when he realized he was pummeling a doppelgänger sent in by none other than Cyrus (Jake Maskall) on this week's The Royals.

"Today's lesson, play your hidden ace when all the chips are on the table. Until then, we tell no one, no one," Cyrus told Liam.

But Liam couldn't keep his mouth shut. The prince ran to Jasper's (Tom Austen) bedside to spill all the details on his and Cyrus' takedown of King Robert.

"I'm going to expose that fraud in front of my family and the entire world," Liam revealed. But Jasper had other ideas.


"I'm not saying let him get away with it. I'm just saying, maybe there is another way to use the information to make him step down quietly," Jasper told Liam. "Quietly? The son of a bitch paid a psychopath to kill my father—his father," Liam shouted.

"I understand that, but Boone said there is no coming back from this. He wasn't wrong," Jasper warned.

While Cyrus and Liam masterminded their takedown of the throne, Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) decided to take her desire to do good to the next level, pouring over a stack of letters from commoners in need as she laid by Jasper's side.

"There are so many people who need fairy tale endings Jasper and I happen to be a princess, so I can help them," Eleanor told him before making her way through the hospital's children's ward.

It's there she meets a young fan, Becky, with a blood disease that's keeping her in the hospital and away from living her life as a normal teenager.

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"I have this stupid blood disease and they thought I could go home by now, so I'm stuck here," Becky explained to Eleanor.

After hearing about Becky's friends, fears and the big dance she was going to miss, Eleanor felt determined to do something nice for the teen.

While Eleanor jumped into party planning mode, King Robert embarked on his last marriage interview with the feisty Cassandra (Emily Barber).

"You know my background and what you don't know or couldn't find out, impresses you as much, if not more because like you, I'm good enough to not make mistakes or discretely erase them when I do," Cassandra told the king. "As far as self-promotion goes, I could bore your majesty and sing my own praises, but let's be honest, there are so many more interesting things I could do with my mouth."

And with that, Robert was sure he had found a worthy contender.

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Things got violent once again when Liam pulled a gun out on his brother after accusing Robert of killing their father.

"You paid Ted Price (Oliver Milburn) to kill dad. You killed the king so you could be the king!" Liam insisted. "Admit it! We all know you're lying!"

While both Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) and Robert denied the salacious claims, Liam didn't trust the pair.

"You're thick as thieves you two, you always have been. Lying, cheating, putting yourselves first. This is where it stops, this is where it all ends," Liam yelled, still holding the gun.

And it did end, only because Eleanor clocked Liam on the head with a large vase.

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Eleanor saved the day once more when she threw a dance for Becky at the hospital and invited all her friends and her crush, Devin.

"I just wanted to say thank you for doing this for Becky. She's really great and like, there's no girl who deserves this more," the teen gushed to Eleanor.

Proud of herself, the princess escorted Jasper back to his hospital bed and prepared him to return home to the palace with her. But Robert had other plans for his family and his subjects.

The king orchestrated a total blackout, leaving London in total darkness and massive chaos. So what does this mean for the royal family and the city of London? Tune in next week to find out!

Watch the recap video above to see all the royal ruckus that went down in this week's episode.

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