John Cena Says Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards Slime Clean-Up Isn’t Easy

WWE Superstar gets real about that iconic green slime

By Lindsay Farber Mar 23, 2018 10:43 PMTags
Watch: John Cena Says Slime Clean Up Isn't Easy!

With the 2018 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards fast approaching, the show's host John Cena is preparing to get slimed.

The 40-year-old actor spoke with E! News exclusively and revealed just how difficult it is to remove the iconic green substance following the show.

"It takes weeks to remove from places in your body that you didn't know you had places," he joked.

"If you are slimed as a guest, it's not too bad. You can hold your breath. Speaking from a host's perspective, they take whatever is left and they just let loose. So at the end, it's like the most impossible ever.  It's the host's job to kind of bob and weave throughout the night to not get slimed, and then at the end, it's the big reveal."

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The WWE Superstar will return as host of the show for the second time live from The Forum in Inglewood, CA.

"It's certainly an honor to be chosen twice," he said. "I'm asked to do a lot of things, it's a very fortunate position for me, but this was a no-brainer. I love this show, I love this audience."

So what can we expect to see from the star, exactly? From dance numbers to costume changes, Cena says that viewers are in for a real treat.

"Nickelodeon likes to put you in difficult situations. I have to learn how to dance, I have to learn how to dress in outfits that I normally wouldn't choose, I have to get covered in slime. I should say, I choose to do all those things. It's really, genuinely fun. By the end of these rehearsals, I'll kind of know how to dance a little bit. It's one of those things where you just have to know what you're in for."

As E! News previously reported, the wrestler stopped by Ellen DeGeneres' set earlier today to talk his upcoming comedy, Blockers, about parents seeing their kids off to prom, and the film gave the comedian a brilliant idea. As it turns out, the 40-year-old has never been to an actual prom. 

"I went to boarding school and it was a coed boarding school, so I kinda saw these people all year anyway and I was dead broke and I had the chance to stay on campus and earn some money, so I didn't go to prom," he explained. 

Fortunately, DeGeneres was prepared. She had an "Ellen Show Prom" set up behind a curtain, complete with a dance floor, balloons, disco ball, music, punch and even a date for the star—his fiancée Nikki Bella

Still in shock from the surprise, Cena revealed to E! News just how much it meant to see his wife.

"Our conversations are through text and FaceTime and just to see her in person, looking as good as she did, it was really special and I was surprised," he said. "It's not very often that I get caught off-guard, so it was very thoughtful."

Don't miss the 2018 Kids' Choice Awards on Saturday, March 24 at 8 p.m. ET on Nickelodeon.

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