Danger Comes to Maddie's Door in This Imposters Season 2 Sneak Peek

Exclusive! Get a sneak peek of the Bravo scripted series ahead of its premiere on Thursday, April 5

By Billy Nilles Mar 26, 2018 2:00 PMTags

Maddie and the rest of the Bumblers may have pulled off an escape in the season one finale of Imposters, but it turns out that they're not impossible to find. Not when there's a dangerous fixer with the last name Cohen on the hunt. 

Though Maddie's (Inbar Lavi) intent on reclaiming her life when the Bravo scripted series returns for season two, living life as a blonde Molly Jackson, as this exclusive sneak peek reveals, her new identity and all her skills as a con artist aren't enough to keep her from opening the door of her new apartment to one hell of a surprise. Its name? Shelly Cohen, the mysterious ex-husband of Uma Thurman's equally dangerous Lenny Cohen, played by executive producer Paul Adelstein. This is Adelstein's first appearance on the Bravo scripted series.

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"Or should I say Ava Bloom-Alice Evans-CeCe Langmore," he asks a stunned Maddie. "Or is it just Maddie Jonson, no 'h" in Jonson?"

As a montage of moments wherein Shelly stalked his prey pass by, he goes about introducing himself. "I'm fairly certain you know my ex-wife," he tells her.

When it finally sinks in just what sort of trouble having Shelly Cohen on your doorstep can mean, Maddie tries to slam the door in his face to no avail. As he shoves one frighteningly gloved hand in the frame to keep it open, he asks one final menacing question.

"Aw, come on, Maddie," he says. "Aren't you gonna invite me in?"

In the new season of Imposters, as Ezra (Rob Heaps), Richard (Parker Young) and Jules (Marianne Rendon) have begun to master the art of the con, unforeseen events send them off on a wild, unexpected adventure. With the stakes higher than ever, Maddie and the Bumblers must stay one step ahead in order to maintain their freedom. And it seems, their lives.

Imposters returns Thursday, April 5 at 10 p.m. on Bravo. Be sure to catch more Bravo previews, including sneak peeks of The Real Housewives of Potomac, Southern Charm New Orleans and Your Husband Is Cheating on Us on Bravo's Spring Break Preview Special airing Monday, March 26 at 11:30 p.m. on, yep, Bravo.

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