Prince Liam Has to Choose Between Fixing His Family or Getting Revenge on The Royals: ''There Is No Coming Back From This''

Could there be a way to bring King Robert down without destroying their family?

By Vannessa Jackson Mar 23, 2018 12:00 PMTags
Watch: Prince Liam Lets Jasper in on His Plan to Expose King Robert

He might be in over his head! 

Prince Liam (William Moseley) is out for blood, but on this Sunday night's episode of The Royals, Jasper (Tom Austen) is trying to convince him that maybe destroying King Robert (Max Brown) doesn't have to mean destroying his family too. 

"I'm going to expose that fraud in front of my family and the entire world," Liam tells Jasper while visiting him in the hospital. But Jasper is not entirely convinced that's the right path to take. 

"I'm not saying let him get away with it. I'm just saying, maybe there is another way to use the information to make him step down quietly," he tells Liam. "Quietly? The son of a bitch paid a psychopath to kill my father—his father," Liam shouts.  

Prince Liam Suspected of Attempted Assassination?!

"I understand that, but Boone said there is no coming back from this. He wasn't wrong," Jasper cautions him. "Have you thought about what this would do to your family?" 

Before Liam can answer that, Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) interrupts and asks Liam to come talk to her. She's obviously upset that her brother wasn't there for her in her time of need, but she might be more upset that their family is falling apart and Liam has the power to change it. 

"He's your brother. We're a family," she pleads with him. "I'm back, he's back. Mom's bored out of her mind. She's watching Royal and Beautiful, Liam." He's been so focused on his own mission that he didn't even stop to think about how it was tearing apart his family. 

"I didn't know things had gotten that bad," he explains to her. "Well they have! You can fix it," Eleanor tells him. "Just come home and spend some time with us. All of us." So will Liam choose his family or his own revenge plan? 

Watch the clip above for the intense moment! 

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