Drew Barrymore's Kids "Love" Ever After, But One of Her Movies Shocked Them

Santa Clarita Diet's Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant dish on what projects their sets of kids have seen

By Chris Harnick Mar 23, 2018 1:00 PMTags
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Drew Barrymore's list of TV and movie credits date back to 1980 and include everything from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial to Family Guy and now Santa Clarita Diet.

In her current role on the Netflix comedy, Barrymore plays Sheila Hammond, a real estate agent who, well, dies. And then lives again as a zombie. So, technically undead. The role has Barrymore eating all sorts of simulated human body parts and is a little too mature for her children, Olive, born in 2012, and Frankie, born in 2014, to see just yet, so "it'll be years down the line" before she shows it to them, Barrymore said.

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"I feel like my daughter, Olive, because she sort of has a little bit of the weight of world on her shoulders, but likes the sort of strange funniness, I think she's really going to get it. I think Frankie because she has this great lisp—I wonder where she got it from—but she'll to be like, ‘What are they doing?' And Olive's going to be watching it like, ‘Uh-huh,'" Barrymore said.

Timothy Olyphant, Joel Hammond on Santa Clarita Diet, said this is the only project of his that his teen kids have seen. "My kids haven't seen anything, nor do I think they may ever," he said.

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The Justified veteran's daughter even has a cameo in this season of Santa Clarita Diet.

"God, what have I done?" Olyphant joked.

As for Barrymore's other projects, she tried Charlie's Angels, but the opening scene featuring an explosion and their mother didn't exactly sit right. E.T. is next, however there is a current favorite.

"My daughters, I'm proud to say, love Ever After, and they watch that a lot," she said.

Santa Clarita Diet season two drops on Netflix on Friday, March 23.

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