Jersey Shore Returns to Miami for Family Vacation, But Are Any of Their Old Hot Spots Still Open?

Are any of the Jersey Shore cast's favorite Miami hot spots from season two still in business? We did a deep-dive to find out!

By Tierney Bricker Mar 23, 2018 12:00 PMTags
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We're in Miami, bitch!

Break out the Ron-Ron juice and put on your T-shirts because we're heading back to the city where the heat is on for Jersey Shore Family Vacation, MTV's highly anticipated reunion of the OG cast (minus Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola), with the stars returning to Miami, where they filmed season two way back in 2010.

A lot has changed for the cast since they last fist-pumped their way through Miami (Marriage, kids and tax fraud, oh my!), but arguably even more has changed in the city itself. We know this because we did an exhaustive investigative report to see which of Snooki, JWowww, Pauly D and the rest of the cast's hotspots—B.E.D., Tantra, etc.—are even still open. Our findings will shock you.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation: Everything We Know So Far

Metropole Hotel Apartments
STATUS: Still open!
Yes, you can still book a stay at the hotel the cast lived at when they filmed the OG Miami season in 2010.

Lecca-Lecca Gelato Caffe
STATUS: Closed
Though their boss called it the "best ice cream in Miami," the gelato shop the cast half-assedly served scoops at has since closed. The building it was in was knocked down and rebuilt to be a hotel (Wynwood South Beach).

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B.E.D. Nightclub
STATUS: Closed
This was THE spot for the Jersey Shore cast during their stay in Miami, so it is with a heavy heart that we must report that the venue, where Ron infamously "stuck his head between a cocktail waitresses breasts," has in fact closed. Nothing gold can stay.

At least they'll always have this Yelp review to look back on: "So apparently the cast of Jersey Shore really like this place. Me...ehhh. Don't expect this place to be all swanky and sexy like it may appear on TV. In fact, it's pretty hood-rich. But hey, the cast of Jersey Shore isn't that swanky or sexy either so I guess it's fitting!"

STATUS: Closed
One of the cast's other regular hot spots has also klosed. (See what we did there?)

Club Space
STATUS: Still open
While it wasn't a regular JS haunt, this is where Snooki got into a fight with "wanna guidos" with The Situation stepping in and getting the cast kicked out. The nightclub is still open on Saturday and Sundays.

Dream Nightclub
STATUS: Still open
The crew only went a few times, but it serves as a landmark spot as it was the last club Angelina attended with the cast before choosing to leave the show…again.


Cybr Caffe
STATUS: Still open
Yes, the historical site where Snooki and JWoww wrote the infamous "anonymous" note is still open and you can pay for internet access by the hour, as well as order coffee.

Tantra Restaurant and Lounge
STATUS: Closed
One of the gang's go-to places, which also served as the workplace of Ramona, the perennially late girl Vinny was hooking up with towards the end of their stay. RIP, Tantra!

STATUS: Closed
Despite its popularity, the dance club closed abruptly soon after the MTV show filmed there. 

Vinyl& Kai
STATUS: Closed
The cast spent a night out here in episode four, where Ron and Sammi got into a fight. Must've been a day that ends in-y!

STATUS: Closed
The pool house the cast kicked it at is kaput.

XO Hookah Bar & Lounge
STATUS: Closed
Snooki took her friend from home, Ryder, to this now-closed establishment.

Ocean's Ten
STATUS: Still open
The stars can still enjoy drinks such as "Sex in the Bathroom" and a "What the F—k" (or maybe the Mike Tyson shot?). (Though they seem to have removed "Ron-Ron Juice" from their drinks menu. The establishment might be Team Sammi, perhaps?)


STATUS: Closed
Another final night date spot (Sammi and Ron's location) that is no longer in business.

Moshi Moshi Sushi
STATUS: Still open
The girls' go-to sushi restaurant is still in business and actually has three locations.

Grazie Italian Cuisine
STATUS: Closed
To let Ramona know he was serious, Vinny took her to this restaurant on one of his last night's in Miami.

News Café
STATUS: Still open
In business since 1988, this was a go-to lunch spot for the cast in 2010.

La Locanda Restaurant
STATUS: Still open
The Italian eatery, a date night spot for Ron and Sammi (including a double-date with Angelina and Jose for his birthday), lasted longer than their relationship.


Funky Sexy Couture
STATUS: Closed
The South Beach shop, which described itself as "funky sexy couture clothing store for particular people who likes unique clothing pieces, customized pieces, versatile, look like an artist with your own clothes," sadly has shuttered in the years since the gang left. Do we think Snooki still has those $350 Jason Bourke sunglasses she purchased there?

Platinum Boyz Barber Shop
STATUS: Still open
Ron and Vinny took an adventure to "the hood of Miami" all in the name a good fade. But the boys won't have to travel as for the revival as the barber shop has since moved locations.

Laurenzo's Italian-American Supermarket
STATUS: Still open
The market where the gang did most of their grocery shopping for their at-home dinners is still providing Miami with their Italian-American meal necessities. Who knows, maybe Snooki's lost shopping list is still there?

Xtreme Gym
STATUS: Closed
The cabs are heaaa, but the abs might not be! It looks like the guys had to find a new place to work on their fitness before a night out. 

Captive Sun
STATUS: Closed
The cast will have to find a new place to get the "T" portion of GTL.

Blush Nail Lounge
STATUS: Still Open
Snooki and JWoww were still able to go to their usual mani-pedi (and mimosa) spot.

Wash Club Miami
STATUS: Still Open
Fortunately, the "L" is still in business, with the cast now able to use the app to get their dirty laundry handled.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation premieres Thursday, April 5 on MTV. 

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