Hilary Swank Explains Her 3-Year Hollywood Hiatus

In recent years, the 43-year-old Oscar-winning star of Million Dollar Baby and Boys Don't Cry has not appeared is as many acting projects and has been taking care of her dad

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Hilary Swank is making a comeback after largely taking some time off from acting to be there for her father.

In recent years, the 43-year-old Oscar-winning star of Million Dollar Baby and Boys Don't Cry has not appeared in many large acting projects. She revealed on HuffPost Live in 2015 that her father, Stephen Swank, had undergone a lung transplant and moved in with her. She said she was his sole caregiver, adding, "There's been job opportunities I've passed on, and things that I said 'I can't,' but really what we're here for is our family."

Swank, who recently returned to TV with the upcoming series Trust, talked about her father again in an interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Tuesday.

"He's great, thank you for asking," she told host Stephen Colbert. "They'd given him a short time to live if he didn't get a lung transplant and thankfully, he got one and he's alive and thriving and well. I took three years off to be with him and help him through that life journey."

Trust, which debuts on Sunday on FX, marks Swank's first TV series role she played Carly on Beverly Hills, 90210 in the late '90s. Swank stars alongside another actor who took a Hollywood hiatus in recent years, Brendan Fraser.

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Swank has undergone more personal turmoil over the past few years.

After Million Dollar Baby was released in 2004, the actress continued to act on the big screen, appearing in movies such as P.S. I Love You and Amelia before causing controversy and losing many fans in 2011 for attending the birthday party of Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrofv, who was accused of orchestrating human rights violations. Human Rights Watch condemned her appearance and urged her to return any money or gifts. Swank later issued an apology and her rep said her personal appearance fees would be donated to charity.

Swank later said in a Gotham magazine interview, "A Turkish real estate company invited me to help promote peace by celebrating the rebuilding of a war-torn city and meeting people who were rebuilding their lives. That's how it was presented to me, and I thought, 'Absolutely, yes.' When I was there, I was asked to wish the president a happy birthday, and I did. Shame on me for not having researched the trip more fully, but I didn't know President Kadyrov's record."

Since the controversy, Swank appeared in a few independent films.

In 2016, Swank underwent relationship turmoil. That June, it was revealed that the actress and Ruben Torres called off their engagement, a few months after he proposed.

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