Megan Fox Gets an Emotional Message About "Picking Up the Pieces" of Her Love Life on Hollywood Medium

Tyler Henry never ceases to amaze people with his gift, and this episode is no different

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It's never too late to start again. 

Tyler Henry is using his gift on this week's episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry to help these celebs reconnect with loved ones, restore their love lives and find peace after the death of a sibling. This episode had it all! 

In his reading with Transformers star Megan Fox, Tyler was having a bit of a fan moment. "It's Megan Fox! Can you believe it? I'm trying to contain myself," Tyler joked before regaining his normal composure. Once the nerves subsided, he was able to really hone in and give her some advice about her love life.

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"I'm seeing green, green, green. Does that mean anything to you at all?" Tyler asked her. "That's my husband's last name," Megan confirmed. 

"For some reason they're having me talk about you. They're having me talk about the past two years," he shared with the married mom of three. "There is almost a recovery kind of feeling behind this. Recovering and picking up the pieces."

Megan was well aware of this need to focus on healing in her life. With Tyler's info, she's ready to begin the journey to recovery. "What I took away from that was this is a time for me to really focus on healing myself emotionally and not unlike my mom, connecting to myself," she shared. "Prioritizing my kids and making sure they're okay, and at some point in the future, love will be revealed."

Watch: Megan Fox Receives an Inspiring Message From Tyler Henry

Disjointed actress Nicole Sullivan was up next, and she was able to get closure after years of stressing about offending a family member. "She's laughing. Like laughing, laughing, laughing. She's bringing me to her mouth. I don't know why," Tyler told her after connecting to her late grandmother. 

"That was exactly what it was! She had what we thought was Bell's Palsy, so part of her mouth was drooped," Nicole shared with him. "I did a character on a television show where I talked out of the side of my mouth and it had nothing to do with her her Bell's Palsy."

Although Nicole was worried that it was too late for her to find forgiveness, Tyler had some reassuring information for her. "I'm hearing laughter in my head but it's like female laughter. It's her way of saying she understands and clearly she finds it funny," he told her.

Megan Fox Receives an Inspiring Message From Tyler Henry

The episode ended with a sweet sibling reunion. Tyler made a brother-sister visit with David Arquette and Rosanna Arquette and they were visited by their beloved late sister Alexis Arquette.

"There's a feeling of like, ‘I wish I could stick around longer, because now this is when I would start having opportunities,'" Tyler revealed to the siblings. "I'm seeing fashion shows. It references to having my picture taken, and photography and all this stuff. Where does that apply for you guys?"

The pair new exactly what he was talking about. "We had a sibling that passed away," Rosanna shared with Tyler. "Alexis came out 20 years ago and was the famous person who was a boy who wanted to be a girl."


"Alexis didn't have the opportunities to go as far as I wished she could have or they wished they could have. So are they at peace with that?" David wanted to know. 

"The beautiful thing is that when we transition, we really lose our ego. Despite the fact that maybe in life a person isn't able to achieve everything they wanted to achieve or everything we would have wanted them to achieve," Tyler explained. "They see the impact that their lives had on everyone around them and that other people are able to accomplish things in their life as a result of the impact they made."   

Watch the video above for this week's full recap! 

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