Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon Get Their Palms Read—and It Gets Slightly Risqué

During Tuesday's episode of The Tonight Show, the late-night host and country star visited Madame Fahrusha

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Jimmy Fallon, Blake Shelton, The Tonight ShowAndrew Lipovsky/NBC

What does the future hold for Jimmy Fallon and Blake Shelton? The two stars decided to find out by visiting a palm reader on Tuesday's episode of The Tonight Show

"I'm a little psychic myself, and I can tell you're psyched to do this," the late-night host quipped.

The palm reader, Madame Fahrusha, started by reading Shelton's palm. She said the country singer had a long lifeline and a "very nice" heartline, which meant he gave things to charity.

"My being on your show to try and help it—that kind of charity like," Shelton told Fallon.  

However, Fahrusha also pointed out that the country singer's Jupiter finger was crooked and that his fickle finger was "shorter than average."

"Even if it's crooked and two-and-a-half inches, it's powerful," he said.

In addition, she said Shelton's hand was a little "fleshy," which was a sign he was having too much to eat, too much to drink or too much sex.

"Two out of three ain't bad," Fallon teased.

As for Fallon, the comedic host had a "deep" lifeline and three soul mate lines.

"Your wife, Justin Timberlake and me," Shelton teased, "soul mates." 

After finishing the palm reading, Fahrusha moved on to tarot cards. Based on Shelton's cards, she told the "Honey Bee" singer he's been "spending time with a young man."

"This is an episode of Dateline," Fallon joked. 

Then, it was time for handwriting analysis. However, Fallon and Shelton didn't give Fahrusha a lot of time to analyze their handwriting because they were too busy judging each other's. 

"You signed your name with butt cheeks," Shelton said, mocking Fallon's signature. "That is an open butt."

Despite the teasing, Fahrusha told the stars they had a "fabulous relationship."

Watch the video to see the entire palm reading.

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