Henry Cavill Says Goodbye to His Mustache in a Hilariously Dramatic Video

"I know, it's hard to recognize me without KingStache," the actor jokes on Instagram

By Zach Johnson Mar 21, 2018 12:40 PMTags

Henry Cavill's latest Instagram video has it all: dramatic close-ups, high production value and a killer soundtrack. But there's one thing it doesn't have: Cavill's mustache, which he lovingly nicknamed KingStache just last month. The actor grew out his facial hair to play August Walker in Paramount Pictures' upcoming Mission: Impossible – Fallout...and it reportedly cost Warner Bros. a pretty penny to digitally remove that mustache after extended Justice League reshoots.

Cavill liked his scruffy look, so he jokingly made KingStache sentient after the first Mission: Impossible – Fallout trailer debuted in February. "Due to the lateness of the hour Henry is now actually in bed, it is a school night after all. Being his moustache however, I require no sleep (or food). So I have taken it upon myself to address you, my lovers and my haters to announce this exciting event! The first trailer is here, my glorious debut! Bathe in my bristly glow! Marvel at my contours and yes, be allured you who are facially able, for our time has come. From the pages of history we shall charge forth and rule the world once more and I shall be your king!" KingStache wrote, taking over Cavill's Instagram page. "Also, I hope the Super Bowl is exciting. As I have no eyes, I cannot know what state it's in right now, but I do hope it's entertaining!"

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This morning, Cavill announced KingStache's reign is over.

"Oh, hello. Don't be alarmed: It's me, Henry Cavill, sometimes superhero and former secret agent. But now, I am completely clean-shaven. I know, it's hard to recognize me without KingStache. Sometimes, I even have trouble recognizing myself. It's hard for me to admit: This is not CGI. He's really gone," Cavill said. "I can tell you this, though: I will remember him, always."

Cavill then cut to a montage featuring images of KingStache, set to Sarah McLachlan's "I Will Remember You." The actor's Instagram video ended on this note: "Shaved But Not Forgotten."

Fingers crossed KingStache returns for the Mission: Impossible – Fallout press tour.

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