Kyle West Doubts Megan Morrison's Acting Abilities After an "Emotionless" Table Read on The Arrangement

After the table read for Technicolor Highway falls flat, Kyle worries that Megan won't be prepared to carry the film

By Mona Khalifeh Mar 21, 2018 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Kyle West & Megan Morrison Get Into a Yelling Match

Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) is gearing up to star as Technicolor Highway's leading lady, but is she up for the task? Her hubby-to-be, Kyle West (Josh Henderson), isn't so sure.

Kyle worries Megan may be distracted after her recent fainting spell at a Hollywood event in this clip from this Sunday's all-new The Arrangement.

"You seem distracted, OK? Not that I blame you. We're planning a wedding, you're about to star in a movie and on top of all that, you're with Terence (Michael Vartan) half the time trying to explore your psyche," Kyle says.

"Terence? I collapsed in public Kyle and he's helping me to figure..." Megan says before Kyle cuts her off to stress the importance of her first leading role.


But it wasn't until Kyle called Megan's table read "flat" and "emotionless" that the actress decided to flip the script on her fiancé.

"We both know what this is about. You're scared. You're scared s--tless you're gonna mess this up," Megan insists. "Hey Megan, I am trying to help you here," Kyle retorts.

Megan doesn't see it that way. "No, no you are projecting your fear on to me. And I hate to break this to you, but I am gonna be ready in two days. Prepared. I am working on my s--t with Terence so why don't you back the hell off and go deal with yours," Megan yells before storming out.

Watch the intense moment in the clip above.

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