Tyler Henry Helps Nicole Sullivan Find Closure After Her Grandmother's Death: ''I've Been So Stressed About That For So Many Years''

Years of stress are gone after an emotional sit-down with the psychic medium

By Vannessa Jackson Mar 21, 2018 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Nicole Sullivan Gets Reassuring Message From Late Grandmother

It's never too late for closure! 

Tyler Henry is connecting Nicole Sullivan to her beloved grandmother on this week's episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry. The actress has had something weighing on her since her grandmother passed away and Tyler has the answers she needs! 

After giving him an object from her grandmother Julia, she proceeds to have him channel some specific information for her. "I do have a question, and I don't know how to phrase it exactly," she shares with Tyler. "She thought at one point before she passed, I was doing something and she thought I was making fun of her...But I just want her to know that I would never have made fun of her and I wasn't."

With that said, Tyler goes right into seeing who comes through. "What is this? She's bringing me to her mouth for some reason, this is funny I don't know what this is," the medium tells her. "I have to figure out. She's laughing. Like laughing, laughing, laughing. I don't know why."

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Nicole is visibly shocked and instantly knows what he's referring to. "She had—oh my God, that was exactly what it was—she had what we thought was Bell's Palsy, so part of her mouth was drooped," Nicole explains to Tyler. "And I did a character on a television show where I talked out the side of my mouth and it had nothing to do with her Bell's Palsy." 

Even though Nicole was still a little bit worried, Tyler gave her some calming news. "I know it sounds odd, but she's doing this and I'm hearing laughter in my head," he reveals the King of Queens star. "It's like female laughter, and I just needed you to know it's her way of saying she understands and clearly she finds it funny."

"I've been so stressed about that for so many years...So to hear her laughing, that's crazy," she shares through her tears.  

Watch the clip above to see the sweet moment! 

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