Was Megan Morrison Poisoned By the Institute on The Arrangement? Watch to Find Out!

After fainting at a big Hollywood event, Megan wonders if her frequent stomach pains are the work of the Institute

By Mona Khalifeh Mar 19, 2018 2:00 AMTags

The Institute for the Higher Mind did not come to play!

In this week's all-new The Arrangement, Megan Morrison's (Christine Evangelista) nagging stomach pains caused the actress to faint at a big Hollywood event!

The incident prompted a major media frenzy and plenty of salacious rumors, sending Deann (Lexa Doig) and Terence (Michael Vartan) into crisis management mode. But after learning that Lisbeth's (Ashley Hinshaw) food and water were poisoned when she was at the Institute, Megan couldn't help but wonder if she too had fallen victim to IHM's sinister ways.

Two months prior to her fainting spell, Megan met with Lisbeth to get all the details on her time at the Institute.

"There are so many things I want to ask you. Can we start with Terence? He's done things that should've destroyed me and Kyle (Josh Henderson) and it makes me wonder if he did something to make you leave," Megan prodded.

"They poisoned my food and water," Lisbeth revealed.


The poisoning led to Lisbeth having severe stomach problems, not unlike what Megan's been experiencing.

Despite Lisbeth's big revelation, it seems Megan was able to put it out of her mind as her star continued to rise with her new mega-agents, Creative Partners Agency.

"Creative Partners does not play. I've been with them for two months and they have me everywhere," Megan gushed to Shaun (Carra Patterson), IHM's legal adviser.

From a major photo shoot to spearheading a campaign for female empowerment, Megan was becoming Hollywood's next big thing, but was this new-found fame too much for the young actress?

The Institute's on-call doctor seemed to think so, diagnosing Megan with a bad case of stress.

"You need to find ways to manage the pressure. You might start by taking something off your plate," the doctor suggested.

Megan wasn't so keen on following the doctor's orders let alone believing his diagnosis, but Shaun encouraged her to just take a deep breathe.

Watch: Why Did Megan Morrison Collapse at a Hollywood Event?!

"You need to chill, Megan. If you don't want to believe the doctor, fine. But believe your body, it's telling you the same thing," Shaun insisted.

Shaun was able to take one thing off Megan's plate. She managed to convince James to take her to the facility, where she's hoping she can get some insider information that will help them take down IHM.

In the meantime, with no lead actor for Megan and Kyle's new film, Technicolor Highway, Deann started throwing out names, like Hollywood hunk Logan Travers (Andy Favreau), but Kyle wasn't having it.

"He's not right for the part. How many times do I have to say it? No one's gonna force Logan down my throat. Not Jason and Vick and not you. I will kill this movie completely," Kyle yelled.

A frustrated Deann stormed out. Even if she did have a point, Kyle was worried that history would repeat itself.

Behind the Scenes of The Arrangement Season 2

"When I met Lisbeth on set I was single and she was dating the director," he revealed to Megan.

But Megan wasn't about to let the love of her life and $10 million slip through her hands over a hot guy. "You know, we have a contract that forbids me from having an affair with a co-star or anyone else," Megan insisted.

After convincing Kyle that Logan posed no threat to him, the couple headed back home for some drinks with their new friends Naseem and music sensation, Xavier Hughes (Ruffin Prentiss). What started out as a friendly cocktail hour led to Technicolor Highway finding its new leading man after Kyle witnessed the undeniable chemistry between Xavier and Megan.

Let's hope he can put his jealousy aside and finally bring his brainchild to the big screen.

Watch the video above to see what our Daily Pop co-hosts have to say about episode two of The Arrangement.

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