Truth or Trash: Are Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Ready to Get Married?! Has a Younger Actor Caught Angelina Jolie's Eye?!

Is there any truth to some of the biggest celeb rumors out there?

By Vannessa Jackson Mar 15, 2018 12:17 AMTags

We're on rumor patrol! 

E! News is sorting through all the trash and finding out what's the truth behind some of the craziest current celebrity rumors. Like, for instance, could Taylor Swift be headed down the aisle with Joe Alwyn soon? We can't confirm this rumor is true, but sources do tell E! that the two are very serious

Could Angelina Jolie be interested in a younger actor who looks a lot like Brad Pitt? While there has been some speculation that Garrett Hedlund has been showing interest in the actress, we're going to call this rumor straight trash. What other celeb couple is rumored to be going through some marriage troubles? 

Watch the clip above to get all the latest details! 

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