Chrissy Metz Finds Closure After Her Friend's Alleged Murder & Iggy Azalea Gets Insight on Her Love Life on Hollywood Medium

The This Is Us star learns justice is on the way for her late friend and the "Fancy" rapper breathes a sigh of relief after getting some positive news about her love life

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With Tyler Henry on your side, no one can truly get away with murder!

On Sunday's all-new Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, Tyler was able to confirm that justice is definitely on its way for Chrissy Metz's late friend, who was allegedly murdered.

"It's a feeling of more than one person being around at the time that I die. There's something with this where it's like, 'We're having more of a minor thing and you kill me!'" Tyler said.

While Chrissy couldn't reveal too many details because of an ongoing investigation, she believes her dear friend's sudden death was a murder. Despite the shocking loss, Tyler wanted the This Is Us star to know that the tragedy wouldn't overshadow his memory.

"It's easy when a case is open to think of a person and to focus all on how they died and what happened and the circumstances. But when he came through, there was this feeling of understanding that he was so much more than that. And I think justice will be served. I think there will be closure to this," Tyler insisted.

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Not only will justice be served, but it will be served quickly. In the reading, Tyler highlighted May 2018 as an important date to note in receiving some closure with the case.

"Knowing that there would be some closure and there would be some justice and there would be answers, really was a surprise. A nice surprise," Chrissy confessed.

Orange Is the New Black actress, Taryn Manning, got the chance to make amends with her late father who committed suicide when she was a teenager.

"There's a feeling of almost like if someone was feuding with someone right when they died, it's this feeling of, 'I didn't get the chance to clear the air,'" Tyler revealed.

"There's just a lot of guilt instilled in me about my dad and just those times ‘cause we weren't talking when he died. The last thing I ever said to him was 'I hate you,'" Taryn admitted with tears in her eyes.

Even with her guilt, Taryn was comforted knowing that her dad was on her side.

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"If there's any overruling message, dad is on your side and he always will be. And if there's anything you can take away from this, I honestly feel like he loved you a lot more than he was able to show it," Tyler assured.

While rap star Iggy Azalea didn't receive any messages from beyond the grave, she did get some important advice about her love life: don't date any rappers!

"I would just be conscientious when it comes to relationships with other performers," Tyler revealed. "I already know not to talk to any rappers, don't worry, I already know that," Iggy joked.

Despite her fears of being forever alone, Tyler has high hopes for the "Fancy" rapper's love life.

"I don't see you alone. I think you absolutely get the companionship you deserve. And I feel like it will be great," Tyler confirmed.

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