Dress Like a Royal With All of Princess Eleanor's Most Fashionable Looks From Season 4 of The Royals

A weekly breakdown of the princess' most fashionable looks, straight from The Royals' costume designer!

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You don't have to be a royal to dress like one!

The Royals' very own princess Alexandra Park and the show's costume designer Charlie Jones are breaking down all of Princess Eleanor's most fashionable looks from season four.

In the season premiere, we see Eleanor bring a little punk rock chic to a vintage lace dress.

"This was one of my favorite outfits because I think it's just got this kind of like vintage warrior, free-spirit vibe about it," Alexandra gushes.

Eleanor did an action scene in the dress making it more than just cute, it's durable too!

"We bought this vintage dress which is original 1920s. It's a little bit risque. You know it's see-through," Jones explains.

For Alexandra, the look is the perfect mix of Eleanor's two sides: tough on the outside and bunny-rabbit soft on the inside.

"I love that it's got that kind of vulnerability, but worn with this like harness on it and the black boots with the black bra underneath it. It's like that edge of Eleanor trying to be tough and that exterior on top of her sort of inside, which we all know Eleanor is just a bunny rabbit," Alexandra explains.

Check back each week for a head-to-toe style breakdown of all Eleanor's most regal looks.

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Eleanor rocked this one-shoulder red ruffled dress for her reunion with Jasper shortly after he was shot. The bright dress was paired with a black leather jacket for some added edge.

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In episode three, Eleanor gets cheeky in this emerald fur coat worn over a black sequined mini dress. The princess donned the outfit at a dance she threw for a sick fan she met at the hospital Jasper was recovering in.

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For Eleanor's London blackout look, they channeled Eleanor's "kick-ass" mood in a simple "Happy" tank paired with a "breezy" high fashion skirt and fierce Saint Laurent boots.

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For episode five, Eleanor rocks this black retro cube dress. The princess wore the fun statement piece to meet Jasper's dad, a.k.a. Count Bellagio. She accompanied the dress with simple accessories and black leather booties.

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Princess Eleanor goes full glam in this vintage blinged-out gown for her mother's royal birthday dinner. She paired the dress with silver jewelry and bedazzled strappy sandals.

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In episode seven, Eleanor sports this Dolce & Gabbana black corset atop a burnt orange midi skirt for Jasper's knighting ceremony. Paired with strings of pearl necklaces, the look is definitely reminiscent of Madonna in her "Like a Virgin" video.

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Eleanor gets couture in this emerald green velvet Balmain dress for Willow's wild hen party. While the accessories were kept simple, she spiced up her look with a dark green smokey eye.

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The princess wears this shear, embroidered bodysuit and leather shorts to break the news to Willow that Robert may not be the "one." The outfit is that perfect juxtaposition between soft and hard that really embodies who Eleanor is.

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Eleanor opts for a romantic look in this red Alexander McQueen gown she wears to her brother's royal wedding during the show's season finale. The dress was paired with some of the crown's most glitzy jewels and nude strappy sandals.

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