Eleanor Confronts King Robert About Jasper on The Royals: ''Did You Forbid Jasper From Having Contact With Me?''

The princess gets real with her brother about his efforts to keep her away from Jasper

By Mona Khalifeh Mar 15, 2018 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Princess Eleanor Questions King Robert About Jasper

Despite his heroic efforts, King Robert (Max Brown) isn't too keen on Jasper (Tom Austen) dating his sister, Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park).

In this clip from this Sunday's all-new The Royals, with tensions high after the shooting, Eleanor questions the monarch about Jasper and his role in keeping them apart.

"Did you forbid Jasper from having contact with me?" Eleanor asks.

"Forbid is such a strong word, I asked Jasper to give you some space," Robert retorts.

While Eleanor was upset with her brother for overstepping his bounds, she admits the she too kept her distance from the bodyguard.

"It's not all your fault, I'm the one that chose to stay away," Eleanor confesses.

The king begged Eleanor to look at the bright side and cited her break from Jasper for allowing her to complete her Hoteleanor project.

"Look at everything you've done in the last few months. It's no coincidence that has happened while you two have been separate, when you haven't been distracted by Jasper," Robert quips.

"How can you call the man who just saved your life a distraction?" Eleanor snaps back.

Check out the intense moment in the clip above.

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