Armie Hammer Shares His Mug Shot—and Jokes It's "Probably Not the Last"

The actor was arrested in 2011 for possession of marijuana

By Zach Johnson Mar 13, 2018 6:20 PMTags

Of course Armie Hammer can pull off stripes.

The Call Me by Your Name actor surprised some of his fans Tuesday when, apropos of nothing, he decided to share his mug shot on Instagram. "It might not be Thursday, but this throwback seems worth it..." Hammer wrote. "#godblesstexas." Responding a fan account's comment, the 31-year-old actor admitted that "prison jumpsuits are not known for their fashion...or comfort."

And "let's be honest," he told Andrew Gray McDonnell—it's "probably not the last mug shot." Geotaggging the Sierra Blanca checkpoint in Texas, Hammer also tagged his friend, Ashton Ramsey, in the photo. "Who takes a good mug sot photo at 4 a.m.?" Ramsey wondered. The actor replied, "You were there!! The photo you took through the glass as a lot more haggard."

In November 2011, Hammer was arrested in Sierra Blanca, Texas, for possession of marijuana. At the time, police claimed they found one pot brownie and three pot cookies. Prosecutors later dropped the case, since the actor allegedly had a very small amount of actual marijuana.

Mug Shot Mania

In the end, Hammer spent a day in jail and paid $1,000 bond.

The arrest occurred shortly before he received a 2012 SAG Awards nomination for his supporting role in J. Edgar. Although his mug shot surfaced just before the ceremony, Hammer was able to brush it off on the red carpet. "What you didn't see is there was a makeup crew there, really, to do the whole thing," the actor joked in an interview with Access Hollywood. "I got eight hours of sleep that night—I was fresh faced. It definitely was not 5:45 in the morning."

Later in 2012, Hammer told TMZ, "There's a million sides to every story. I can't go into it. In 90 days, I can go into it, and I'll tell you all about it. I think Texas is one of those places where you don't want to mess around, period, with anything. Let's just say I've learned my lesson. All I can say is that in Texas, a little bit's enough." hen he appeared on Conan in 2013, he stayed mum. "I'm not allowed to talk about it," he said. "Well, I'm not supposed to talk about it." With some pushing, he did share a little more. "It was a long time ago. It was a misunderstanding of laws and interstate laws vs. state laws, and apparently federal laws supersede state laws," he said with a smirk. "Who knew? Let's just say it was a great learning experience of the legal system."

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