Here Comes the Bride! See Megan Morrison's Custom Wedding Gown on the Season Two Premiere of The Arrangement

Wedding prep is exciting but Megan's got bigger things on her mind, like taking down the Institute.

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It looks like Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) is saying yes to the dress!

On the season two premiere of The Arrangement, the bride to be finally got to the best part of wedding planning: that beautiful white dress.

After attending an engagement party thrown by the Institute for the Higher Mind, Megan headed to a dress fitting to try on her very own custom gown. Struggling to leave all the details in the hands of the IHM, Megan was pleasantly surprised when she was greeted with a sweet note from her fiancé, Kyle West (Josh Henderson), upon her arrival.

"Hope you love creating this dress as much as I love imagining you in it. Love, Kyle (the luckiest guy in the world)," Kyle wrote.

With one look at the dress, Megan was in love.

"It's beautiful," she gushed.


Even with all the glitz and glamour of seeing her dream wedding gown, Megan's mind was somewhere else. Haunted by flashbacks from the Institute, the actress was determined to get in touch with Kyle's ex, Lisbeth (Ashley Grace). She even went as far as stalking her at a meditation class to get answers.

"You said you love him and I just want to know why you left. Was it Terence (Michael Vartan)? Did he force you?" Megan asked.

"Yeah, I know what you're trying to do. I can't help you. You can't separate them. It's impossible," Lisbeth replied before warning Megan to stay away from her.

With no real resolve, Megan's mind kept wandering and Kyle was taking notice.

"Six months ago we signed a contract and we barely knew each other. Now, we're planning a wedding, making a movie and everything's coming at us a million miles an hour. So, I look to you because I think you gotta be feeling the same way, but I just feel like you're not there," Kyle confessed.

Behind the Scenes of The Arrangement Season 2

Megan assured Kyle that she was there for him and apologized for being distracted, but Kyle still wasn't buying it.

"Is it just distraction? What about what you had to go through?" Kyle asked. "Well, it's no more than what you've been through," Megan retorted.

"Megan, look, I asked to go to the facility. You didn't. I know you said it was all for the best, but it would be normal for you to have feelings about how it all went down, like anger, towards me," Kyle pushed.

Megan kept Kyle at bay until reaching a breaking point over script changes to their movie, Technicolor Highway.

"This movie is going to be a disaster because you can't think for yourself," Megan said.

"Thank you. I've been waiting for that. Cooper pulls Clyde out of the lake, are you kidding me? We're not doing that s--t!" Kyle yelled.

"You don't like it? Then why didn't you say anything at IHM?" Megan asked. "Cause I wanted to see if you would say something," Kyle added.

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The tit for tat went on until Megan finally confessed her true feelings about her time at the Institute, revealing that she was preparing for the next big incident.

"So if I'm not present, it's because I'm bracing myself for the next one," Megan admitted. "There's not gonna be a next one," Kyle assured.

"I know you mean that. But that's the whole point, right? Neither of us can be sure. And until we can, this is just talk," Megan said before storming out.

Despite Kyle's assurance, Megan hadn't given up on taking down the Institute and getting the answers she needs before her big day. And with a cryptic text from Lisbeth to close out the episode, it looks like she just might get them.

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