Is Jasper Really Dead? Max Brown Teases the Bodyguard's Fate on The Royals

Season four premiere left fans with a lot of questions, and King Robert has some answers

By Vannessa Jackson Mar 12, 2018 12:00 PMTags

Will he survive?! 

The season four premiere of The Royals ended with quite a bang—literally. After an assassination attempt was made on King Robert (Max Brown) during a public event, Jasper (Tom Austen) was there to take a bullet for him in true bodyguard fashion. 

At the end of the episode, Jasper was left on the stage gasping for breath, covered in blood and apparently dying. And even worse, he never saw Princess Eleanor's (Alexandra Park) text message! The horror! Max dished a little exclusive insight into whether or not Jasper will live to see another day. 

Max admits that with Jasper's shooting, you may get to see a different side of Robert. Turns out, he actually is capable of feeling remorse and sadness over another person. "The guy took a bullet for him, so that's a big moment kind of coming in to see whether he has survived and what that means for the family," Max shares about the next episode. 

Jasper Watches Eleanor Entice Him on the Security Camera

"If he does survive, is that going to be kind of a breakthrough for the Jaspnor relationship? Also, for Robert and Jasper's relationship to move past the beginning, which hasn't been particularly smooth," Max explains. Looks like he might have a soft spot for "the help" after all. 

As for whether Robert wants to see Jasper live, Max says that Robert doesn't, but he does! "As me, Max, I think Jaspnor is a fantastic relationship. As me, Robert, obviously that's the last thing that he wants...They can't be seen dating someone that's deemed the help," Max told E! News. "As a character, he definitely doesn't want to see them together, but I kind of like Jaspnor. They're both crazy." 

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