Would Elizabeth Hurley Ever Wear Her Iconic Versace Safety Pin Dress Again?

The Royals star's answer may surprise you...

By Brett Malec Mar 11, 2018 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Would Liz Hurley Ever Wear Her Iconic Versace Dress Again?

Bring back the dress!

It's no secret that Elizabeth Hurley hasn't aged in decades, which got us thinking: would the Brit beauty ever slip back into that iconic black Versace safety pin dress that sent shockwaves around the world when she first wore it back in 1994?

"No, I wouldn't revisit it," The Royals star laughed while chatting with E! News this week. "I think that would be a bit sad because I'm quite a bit older than I was the first time. No, I don't think I would do that."

Jennifer Lawrence recently wore a Versace dress inspired by Hurley's iconic look.

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"It's very nice to see someone young and gorgeous wear an interpretation of something like that. She looked amazing and it was fun to look at, but no," Hurley dished.

"I think if you asked an actor to wear their costumes from something 30 years ago it would be horrific," Hurley added with a laugh before turning to co-star William Moseley and teased, "Well you could put your Narnia costume..."

"Yeah, you put your Narnia on, Elizabeth can put the dress on," Alexandra Park joked.

Earlier this week, Hurley gushed about J.Law's version. "I thought she looked amazing in it! Really hot and sexy," she dished on Daily Pop. "I mean Versace, they still make phenomenal dresses 20 years on from me wearing that one," Hurley gushed. "So yes, I was a little thrilled to see her in that."

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