This Couple Took Their Wedding Photos at Target and Yes, They're Perfect

See how newlyweds Isabella and Michael took their obsession to the next level

By McKenna Aiello Mar 09, 2018 12:40 AMTags
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Relatable AF. 

Newlyweds Isabella Sablan and Michael Delvalle took their obsession with Target to the next level when they decided their engagement photo shoot should take place inside their local discount retailer. In a pun-derful retelling of their love story titled "Walking Down Our Favorite Aisle," the couple says inspiration struck naturally. 

"Target has always been a pretty significant part of our relationship," Isabella and Michael shared. "When we needed something to do on a slow Thursday night, Target was always there with open doors."

They added, "Even if we didn't need anything, Target always knew what was best for us and it never failed to send us home without some sort of delicious treat, household good, or one of those beautiful red tag clearance items that now consume our entire home décor." 

Trust us, we get it. 

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Evan Rich Photography
Evan Rich Photography

Isabella and Michael said Target was their "first inclination" for the shoot's location, because as they described in part, "We knew it had to be somewhere with deep personal meaning—somewhere that contributed to the development of our relationship..." 

So off they went, and with the help of photographer Evan Rich, the essence of their relationship was captured.

Evan Rich Photography

"We dated for almost eight years before we finally tied the knot and we have always been that rather unconventional couple which is why this photoshoot is befitting. If you ask any of our friends, none of them would be surprised that we chose to do this at Target—that's how obsessed we are," they said. 

Keep scrolling for even more snapshots from their wedding shoot. Wishing Isabella and David a lifetime of successful Target trips! 

Evan Rich Photography
Evan Rich Photography

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