Coco and Baby Chanel Swim With a Frenzy of Sharks in The Bahamas

Model and Ice-T have quite the adventure during their vacation to The Exumas in The Bahamas

By Meg Swertlow Mar 08, 2018 1:56 AMTags

Coco's swimming with the sharks—literally!

Ice-T's famous lady love brought the couple's daughter Chanel into the water to play with a frenzy of nurse sharks in the Exumas in The Bahamas.

In the unusual video, which is sure to tingle some spines, the hands-on mom has her hands on her baby girl as she holds her while at least a dozen of the giant catfish-looking animals swim by them in the crystal clear water.

Along with the Instagram video, the model wrote, "This seriously was crazy having all these sharks in the water at once..but I have to say, half the battle was holding Chanel while"

Lol indeed.

Ice-T & Coco's Cutest Pictures of Baby Chanel

Along with the video, Coco posted some photos from the epic adventure under the sea.

The dare-devil mom, who says her Law & Order: SVU star hubby wasn't down with getting in,  wrote, "One of the highlights while in Bahamas has been swimming with the sharks!"

The reality star said she she knew it looked crazy, but that the animals acted like "dogs."

"I know what your thinking..I watched that tv show, 'when wild animals go wild' too but these guys acted like dogs..they are so friendly plus the rush of doing something crazy is half the fun [sic]," wrote the star. "I even got Chanel to come in with me! As you can see we Ice didn't make it in the water..Haha."

Earlier in the week, Coco shared image from the family of three's beach vacay and showed off mommy and daughter in matching mermaid bikinis. 

Just over two years ago, Coco and Ice-T welcomed their first child together in the fall of 2015.

"Surprise!!! Look who came early!! Welcome the new arrival of Chanel Nicole.. A beautiful healthy 5.7 pound and 18 inch baby girl," Coco announced in November 2015. "Ice and I are so proud! I cried while she was coming out I was so excited to meet her!"

And for those wondering about the practice of petting sharks? Well, according to the website Apple Specials, swimming with sharks at Compass Cay in the Exumas is a popular thing for tourists to do. Just look at Instagram!

The website explains that nurse shark's skin is said to feel like wet sandpaper and that many of the sharks swim up to tourists, which viewers can clearly see in Coco's video.

Despite their friendly nature (and clear love of being pet), these animals, which can grow up to 7 ft., still have strong jaws filled with thousands of sharp, pointy serrated teeth.

Swimmers are cautioned to only pet their backs and to stay away from their mouths. People feeding the sharks are warned to keep their hands above their heads if food is being thrown at them and they're already eating. Shark lovers are also heeded to not enter the water if "bleeding from an open wound."

In case no one saw Jaws, sharks are naturally attracted to blood.

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