Margot Robbie may not have won Best Actress at the Oscars—but she definitely had one of the best hairstyles.

She can thank Moroccanoil Celebrity Hairstylist Bryce Scarlett for the "'90s supermodel-inspired" winning look. The hair pro actually cut the I, Tonya's star's hair for the big night. 

"Her [Chanel] dress was so feminine and formal that I wanted the hair to offset that and feel easy and almost tomboyish," Bryce told E! News. "Before we saw the dress, we were talking about maybe cutting her hair shorter. Once we saw [the dress], it made sense and we were really into it."

Luckily, you don't have to make such a commitment to get the Oscar nominee's look. The hairstylist stopped by the Jeremy Hotel in West Hollywood to show us how we can do the red-carpet-worthy look at home. Watch the video above! 

Step 1: Blow-dry straight, not to add volume but to create a smooth, sleek blow-out as the base of the look.

Step 2: Using a flat iron, create bends in the hair to create a body wave. First bend it in one direction, let it set, then bend the opposite direction and hold.

Pro Tip: Use your fingers to cradle the wave and encourage the shape.

Step 3: Maintain a similar pattern throughout the hair, leaving slight variations for a more slept-in feeling.

Pro Tip: Keep the crown or top of the hair sleek to prevent volume.

Step 4: Do the section closest to your face last. Make sure the bend is angled more toward your face for a polished look.

Pro tip: Start the bend at the jawline near the ear to avoid any added volume or texture.

Step 5: Apply dry texture spray mostly on roots and a little on the ends.  

Step 6: Hold Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium, which has Argan oil for that added sheen, at an downward angle and apply to avoid fly-away.

Step 7: Rake a light oil treatment through hair to soften waves. 

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