Giuliana Rancic Gets a Message for Her Best Friend and Christina El Moussa Connects With Her Grandma on Hollywood Medium

This week, Tyler Henry is continuing his mission of helping Hollywood's biggest stars find peace and healing

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It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it! 

On this week's episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, Tyler Henry has a reading with some of Hollywood's biggest stars and gives some closure straight from their dearly departed loved ones, including a few messages that are meant for other people in their lives. 

First up was none other than E!'s very own Giuliana Rancic, who got a message from her late father-in-law who passed away before she met her husband Bill Rancic. "So I was just really hoping that he would just come through and that, you know, I could tell my husband that he came through and that he's looking over him," Giuliana shared. "'Cause I think you wanna know that. You wanna know that a parent or whoever has passed is watching over you and proud of you." 

The host also received a message for her friend Colet whose father recently passed away. "If somehow we could connect her dad, that'd be amazing," Giuliana shared with Tyler during their reading. Tyler did not disappoint. 

"They keep showing me the symbol for wiping the slate clean, which is their way of saying, ‘I'm okay, I'm okay, I'm okay,'" Tyler revealed of his connection with Colet's father. "But this other person needs closure, but it's not you, but you need to tell this person."

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Later in the episode, Tyler sat down with Christina El Moussa and had some wisdom from her grandmother to share with her. "This is just a woman who's like, ‘No, I don't want you to focus on me and what's going on with me, I just want to be happy with everyone else,'" Tyler explained. Christina knew exactly who he was talking about.

"My grandma, she's like by far the person I was closest to," Christina shared. "She started going through Alzheimer's. Her name was Mildred, but she hated it, so she went by Biddy." After an unfortunate divorce in the last two years, Christina's grandmother provided some beautiful reassurances. 

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"I need you to know that whatever this is being referred to, your grandma is behind this in a way that I can't even begin to verbalize," Tyler shared with the reality star. "The amount of support that's there is so strong and the feeling is like, picking up the pieces is really the visual she's showing me."

Taye Diggs was also able to receive a message from his late father, who passed away when he was very young. As it turned out, the message wasn't for him, it was for his mother. "I'm aware of how the lifestyle that I lived put me in these positions that led to my death," Tyler shares from his father. "I felt like it was important for this to be relayed to other people. If there's people in your life that still don't have closure…"

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Even if it didn't mean much to Taye, he knows that this will be great to share with his mom. "When he first mentioned my dad and what he felt, I didn't really care, just because I didn't know him," Taye shared. "But then, the more we talked about it and it came back to my mother, that's when I knew, OK wait, this is for her. This is a message for her that will bring her a little bit more peace."

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