Kyle West Questions Megan Morrison's Feelings for Him on The Arrangement: "I Just Feel Like You're Not There"

With their wedding fast approaching, Kyle starts to wonder if they're on the same page

By Mona Khalifeh Mar 08, 2018 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Can Kyle West & Megan Morrison Work Things Out?

It hasn't exactly been a fairy tale romance for Kyle West (Josh Henderson) and Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista).

In this clip from Sunday's season two premiere of The Arrangement, Terence Anderson (Michael Vartan) encourages Kyle to forget his troubled script and write a speech from his heart for IHM's Sunday gathering, but Kyle decides to open up to Megan instead.

"You wanna talk about the script now?" Megan asks.

"No, I wanna know how you're feeling first," Kyle says. "About the script?" Megan retorts. "About me," Kyle insists.

Megan seems visibly perplexed as to why Kyle would ask such a thing.

"You're the love of my life, why would you ask me that?" Megan wonders.

"Because six months ago we signed a contract and we barely knew each other. Now, we're planning a wedding, making a movie and everything's coming at us a million miles an hour. So, I look to you because I think you gotta be feeling the same way, but I just feel like you're not there," Kyle confesses.

Watch Kyle get real with Megan in the clip above.

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