"I know you're a race car driver, but slow the hell down already." 

Those were the words of wisdom Jimmy Kimmel imparted on The Bachelor's Arie Luyendyk Jr. on his late-night show Tuesday, the same night the 36-year-old reality star proposed for the second time to runner-up Lauren Burnham during the live After the Final Rose special. 

Much like fans of the show, Kimmel was confused about Arie's eagerness to tie the knot, especially after his first proposal to Becca Kufrinended up in heartbreak—and reality TV scandal.  

"Why after feeling like that was a mistake to have [proposed], which obviously it was a mistake, did you turn around and get engaged tonight?" Kimmel asked him. "What rush are you in?"

The groom-to-be explained that they've spent the last "few months" together and are "ready to move on" with their lives. The late-night host got more technical, asking just how many months is a "few."

"Two—two and a half months," Arie replied. 

"That's not a few," Kimmel retorted. "Three is a few. Two is a couple."

"Are you going to get married right away or are you going to wait awhile?" he asked the future bride and groom. "Have you even discussed this because this just happened like half an hour ago?"

Hold on to your seat, Jimmy, because the answer is going to stun you. "We've actually been planning our wedding already," Lauren answered. 

"Oh, you're not wasting any time at all," the host quipped. 

After asking about Arie's ordering habits at restaurants—particularly does he regret what he orders immediately after he orders it—Lauren revealed they haven't actually been to a restaurant together yet. 

Without missing a beat, Kimmel responded, "Oh, you should definitely get married right away."  

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