Leslie Fears Megan Is Being Pressured to Fire Her on The Arrangement: "I Need To Be Able to Trust You"

Could this be the end of the road for Megan and Leslie's working relationship?

By Vannessa Jackson Mar 07, 2018 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Is Megan Morrison Being Pressured to Drop Her Agent?

Could this be the end? 

Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) and her agent Leslie (Autumn Reeser) are on thin ice in the series premiere of The Arrangement, and Leslie fears Terence (Michael Vartan) and Deann (Lexa Doig) might be pressuring Megan to fire her. 

"I don't have any news about Lisbeth yet," Leslie shares after summoning Megan to her office. "Are you kidding me...Leslie, you made it seem like you had information. This isn't cool," Megan tells her. While she may be right, for Leslie, it was an ends to a very important means. 

"What isn't cool? The producer meetings I had set for you at Fountain Rock and Amazon Studios for next week. The 20 scripts I read for you over the weekend while the baby chewed my nipple off," Leslie tells her. "How about setting up your own production company. How about breaking my back to make sure you have a job after Technicolor Highway ends."

Megan might be grateful for all that, but her career really isn't her focus in the present moment. She's on a mission that's much bigger than her next movie role. "It's all amazing, but you totally misled me and I need to be able to trust you," Megan cautions her. 

"You know, the last time you were remotely straight with me you were begging for five million dollars," Leslie reminds her. "Look, I don't know how Terence made your problem go away and I don't care if you have to be one of his accolades as part of that deal, that's fine with me, but do not let that man mess with your gift." 

Leslie may have said a little too much, and Megan is not about to let her know her real plans. "I know you're my agent and I can't do any of this without you, believe me I know that," Megan shares. "But you are not my girlfriend, okay? I pay you 10 percent, so I don't have to return your calls or tell you what's going on in my life." 

Watch the clip above to see it all unfold! 

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