Tyler Henry Brings Katy Mixon to Tears on Hollywood Medium: "That's Like Unreal"

The American Housewife actress gets emotional when a younger energy from her past is channeled

By Mona Khalifeh Mar 07, 2018 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Tyler Henry's Reading Brings Katy Mixon to Tears

Sometimes you have to open up old wounds to heal. 

In this clip from Wednesday's all-new Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, Tyler Henry channels an incident from American Housewife actress Katy Mixon's past.

"This is coming in as like…I don't know why they're having me talk about a younger person, but they're having me revolve around like the incident," Tyler explains.

"There was a massive situation," Katy says with tears in her eyes.

As Tyler delves deeper into the incident, he begins revealing details that Katy acknowledges as spot on.

"The development or the mindset of this child would've been affected after this," the medium reveals.

"Yes, yes, yes," Katy responds.

While he didn't get too specific, he was able to bring through the young energy's feeling of being alone at the time.

"For some reason this younger energy is having me talk about alone, alone, alone, alone, alone. But they're putting this more so in the context of having me refer to what led up to this for some reason," Tyler divulges.

"Oh, yes. I know what you're talking about," Katy says.

"So that makes sense?" Tyler asks. "Complete sense," Katy affirms.

It's at that moment that Tyler gets a better picture of what happened.

"I'm so sorry," he says.

"No honey, I'm like totally with you, yes. But where you're at right now, that's like unreal," Katy confirms.

Watch the emotional moment in the clip above.

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