The Most Memorable Quotes on the 2018 Oscars Red Carpet

See what your favorite celebs told E! News at the award show on Sunday

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The 2018 Oscars are here!

It's Sunday and the stars from your favorite movies of the past year are in Los Angeles for the Academy Awards. Before heading into the ceremony on Sunday, celebs shared some memorable quotes during their interviews with Ryan Seacrest on E!'s Live From the Red Carpet. Oscar nominee Allison Janney, who is up for Best Supporting Actress for her work in I, Tonya, talked about attending her first-ever Oscars.

"I'm pretty overwhelmed," Janney said. "This is my first time here at the Oscars and I came with Steven Rodgers who is the reason I'm standing here today and we had a pretty special morning together just thinking how much history we're bringing on this carpet, just our history alone. It's a very exciting moment."

Let's take a look at the more memorable quotes from the 2018 Oscars red carpet:

2018 Oscars: Red Carpet Quotes
Mary J. Blige

On her Oscar nomination: "I'm so excited. I don't even know what to do with myself." She later added, "To have the Oscars recognize me as a songwriter and a singer, oh man, it's just the cherry on top of the 25-year music business cake. It says we keep doing this."


On performing Coco's "Remember Me" at the award show: "For a movie like this, knowing that it's representing the Latin population, and being of Mexican descent, it's incredibly meaningful, man. So yes, I do know how much it means and I want to represent for all the Latinos out there. I really, really do. I'm honored. I'm honored."

Gael García Bernal

On his "Remember Me" performance at Oscars: "When I heard that the song was nominated I was like, 'Oh, my God!' I was happy, but I was a bit in shock because I thought, 'OK, they're going to make me sing the song.'"

Tiffany Haddish

On her Oscar gown inspired by her late father: "My father passed away this year and he's from Eritrea." She recalled her father telling her, "'One day you're going to end up at the Oscars and when you go, you have to honor your people.' So I'm wearing an Eritrean, authentic princess dress. And I'm PROUD of it." 

Allison Janney

On her best friends surprising her before the Academy Award nominations were announced last month: "I could not have been happier, I've never been…I'm not someone who's easy to surprise, I've never been surprised and that morning at 5 a.m. friends flew in from New York and Washington, D.C., busted through my bedroom and jumped on my bed…I thought I was gonna be abducted, I didn't know what was happening. It was just the best morning."

Kelly Ripa

The Live! With Kelly and Ryan host on serving tequila at the Oscars: "As soon as they hand them the Academy Award, they turn around, they come right to us backstage. We have candy set up there; we have a full bar. We serve tequila and apparently no one else here does so that's the key!"

Rita Moreno

On wearing the same dress she wore to 1962 Oscars: "You would think it would tarnish, it's been hanging in my closet."

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