Jimmy Kimmel Reveals His Targets for the 2018 Oscars—And Matt Damon Isn't Alone

Hollywood feud between two Hollywood stars may be ignited once again at the live award show

By Mike Vulpo Mar 04, 2018 11:20 PMTags
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Attention Hollywood superstars: Jimmy Kimmel may have his eyes on you tonight!

While last year's Oscars telecast was filled with LOL-moments between the late-night host and Matt Damon, tonight's telecast may have a few more targets.

Before the show began, E! News sat down with Jimmy and we had to ask just how worried Matt should be this time around.

"Is Matt Damon allowed past security this year?" Justin Sylvester asked tonight's host. Jimmy replied, "Not if I have anything to say about it. We had him deported. I don't know if you know that. He's living in another country now."

So does this mean Jimmy is ready to roast others tonight?

2018 Oscars Red Carpet Fashion
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"Almost everybody. To be honest with you, I like to spread it around," he shared with E! News. "It's not necessarily like last year when Matt Damon was nominated. He was really for me public enemy number one. This year, we're going to spread the love."

During our sit-down interview, Jimmy also received a special message from James Corden. In a pre-taped interview, the 2018 Grammys host sent his best wishes and admitted he'll be watching from the couch with a whole lot of grub.

"I'll be in sweatpants eating food also," Jimmy joked about his look for tonight's show. "That's my look this year. I'm going with sweat pants and a bucket of chicken."

Something tells us this is going to be one fun night! 

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