Jimmy Kimmel Shares His Wild Conspiracy Theory About the Oscars Moonlight Mix-Up

Host of the annual award show jokes about how one famous presenter may have played a role

By Mike Vulpo Mar 04, 2018 10:59 PMTags
Watch: Jimmy Kimmel's Funny Faye Dunway Oscar Conspiracy Theory

It's the Oscars mix-up that people just can't forget about.

One year ago, movie fans were shocked when La La Land and Moonlight were both named Best Picture. And while PricewaterhouseCoopers took responsibility for the error, conspiracy theories still remain.

In fact, Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel has a theory of his own: Was presenter Faye Dunaway involved somehow someway when she announced the award with Warren Beatty?

"Think about what happened at the end of that show," Jimmy shared with E! News exclusively. "They're together. There's a problem of some kind. They read the wrong name. She disappears."

The late-night host continued "She's out there in the middle of everybody and then after the show, backstage in the middle of a circle of people buzzing around. She's gone. She's at home in bed. Where did she go?" LOL!

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Ultimately, rumors have surfaced that both Warren and Faye have been asked back to present at tonight's award show.

As for PwC, they came up with new protocols for future shows to make sure another mix-up doesn't happen again.

PwC has banned the use of phones and social media backstage during the show in hopes that their employees will not be distracted when handling envelopes. In addition, the two PwC employees responsible for mishandling the envelope have not been invited back to the Oscars.

"We deeply regret the mistakes that were made during the presentation of the Best Picture category during last night's Oscar ceremony," the Academy previously shared in a statement. "We apologize to the entire cast and crew of La La Land and Moonlight whose experience was profoundly altered by this error. We salute the tremendous grace they displayed under the circumstances."

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