Dorit Kemsley Clarifies Lisa Vanderpump's Comments About Their Level of Friendship

During Thursday's episode of Daily Pop, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star weighted in on Vanderpump saying their friendship is based on her bond with P.K.

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Dorit Kemsley didn't like it when Lisa Vanderpump suggested their friendship was based on her closeness with Kemsley's husband P.K. However, time heals all wounds.

On Thursday's episode of Daily Pop, Kemsley looked back on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode and clarified her castmate's comments. 

For those who don't watch the Bravo series, here's what went down: Kemsley and Vanderpump were arguing during their trip to New York for Fashion Week. During the feud, Vanderpump told Kemsley, "I love you—mainly on the strength of loving your husband and wanting to love you and make it right."

"That hurts," Kemsley said during a confessional. "I thought we have a far better relationship than that."

Upon revisiting the episode on Daily Pop, Kemsley admitted she may have overacted to Vanderpump's comment, especially when comparing the longevity of her friendship with Vanderpump to that of her husband's.

"Lisa and I have a great friendship, but I've only known her a short amount of time compared to how long she's known my husband—and they go way back. And all of their friends have known each other for, like, 30 years," Kemsley explained. "So, they have a very different relationship and friendship."

During the RHOBH episode, Vanderpump told Kemsley that while their friendship was born out of Vanderpump's bond with P.K. the Vanderpump Rules star has "grown to love" Kemsley and develop an "authentic" friendship with her.

"I came into my friendship with her because of my husband. So, I completely understand," Kemsley continued on Daily Pop. "Of course, when it came out of her mouth I was like, ‘That's not very nice! We have a far better friendship than that.'"

In the end, Kemsley had nothing but nice things to say about Vanderpump.

"I love her," she said. "She's a very, very dear friend of mine."

Watch the video to see Kemsley's interview.


While the Housewives were able to drop this beef, we're sure there will still be plenty of drama throughout the rest of the season.

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