Kim Kardashian Really Did Dye Her Hair Pink: "F--k Outta Here With That Wig S--t"

"If I see one more person say I'm wearing a wig and think I'm lying..." she complains

By Zach Johnson Mar 01, 2018 3:45 PMTags

Kim Kardashian is wigging out over suspicion that she's wearing a wig.

To put rumors to rest, she hit back at her haters via Snapchat, where the 37-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star tugged at her tresses to prove they're real. "You guys, if I see one more person say I'm wearing a wig and think I'm lying...You're just, like…I just don't get it. Like, why lie about wearing a wig?" she asked. "This is my hair. There is no wig. I dyed my hair, guys."

"It's, like, such a crazy thought," Kardashian concluded. "Fuck outta here with that wig s--t."

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The E! reality star recently explained via Twitter that she is "obsessed" with anime, and it inspired the natural brunette to dye her icy blond hair hot pink. She also wore a pink wig in a CR Fashion Book photo shoot, which gave her the confidence to rock the hue for a longer period. "Since my hair is blond right now, it was easy to put the pink color over it," Kardashian, who worked with hairstylist Chris Appleton, said on her app. "I figured now was the perfect timing!"

However, Kardashian warned subscribers that her pink hair "might only last a week or two."

In an app update Thursday, Kardashian shared even more details about her "super cute" pink hair. "My base was already white, so it was easy to put any color over it without doing much damage to my hair. Pink was the only option I thought of! Being in Japan, I've been so inspired by all of the amazing beauty trends," the KKW Beauty owner wrote." There are so many different looks here. I'm excited that I finally decided to dye my hair pink right before my trip."

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