Why The Arrangement's Megan Morrison Isn't Like Leah Remini in Taking Down The Institute

Cast and creators of The Arrangement sat down with E! to talk everything season 2

By Vannessa Jackson Mar 06, 2018 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Is "The Arrangement's" Megan Morrison the Institute's Leah Remini?

Art is definitely not imitating life in this case! 

Since the premiere of The Arrangement, there has been a lot of talk about similarities between the show and real life events. This season, Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) is hell-bent on the takedown of The Institute for the Higher Mind.

Fans looking for conspiracy theories may try to compare Megan's battle with the institute to Leah Remini's experiences with Scientology, and her fight to expose those behind it. However, rest assured, this show is purely a work of fiction. 

"Leah has that market cornered and she's going about it in a very specific way," series creator Jonathan Abrahams shared. "If anybody thinks that we're cribbing from Leah Remini, like, they're not watching the show." 

As for Lexa Doig, who plays Deann Anderson, she agrees that it would be hard to use a story you've never been told. "None of us actually know any of these people, so you can't tell stories that you don't know, right?" she shared. "It's all fictionalized in the sense of what if you get this kind of an organization with these kinds of people and what stories can you tell from that?" 

Well, we're going to find out just what kind of stories you can tell when season two premieres on E!. Watch the clip above for their full interview! 

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