Michael Vartan Teases Major Conflict for Season 2 of The Arrangement: ''No One Wants to Watch People Have a Great Life''

Every relationship has its issues, but this one has some big stakes

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Watch: "The Arrangement's" Michael Vartan & Lexa Doig Talk Season 2

Nothing wrong with a little bit of conflict! 

The Arrangement's Terence Anderson (Michael Vartan) and Deann Anderson (Lexa Doig) are not your average husband and wife. They're at the top of one of the most powerful institutes in Hollywood, and while they may be a classic power couple on the surface, underneath it all, they're struggling with their own agendas that may threaten to tear them apart. 

E! sat down with the actors and show creator Jonathan Abrahams to discuss exactly what season two has in store for these lovebirds. "Terence and Deann obviously have been together for a long time, but there is conflict in that marriage, as in any marriage. But theirs particularly, because of the things that are at stake—Megan being one of them," Michael shared. 

How will their conflict play out this season, especially with Megan (Christine Evangelista) and Kyle's (Josh Henderson) wedding approaching? "Sometimes when they're doing the exact same thing, they're doing it for completely different reasons, with completely different motivations, which makes it interesting and real," Jonathan shared. 

In season one, fans got a taste of the tensions between the couple, but not much was revealed about their past—until now. "You maybe understand a little bit more why they are the way they are, I think," Lexa shared. "Understand why they are together, in spite of certain things," Michael shared. 

"I think their relationship faces a couple of challenges that in their...large period of time that they've been together, they're actually faced with challenges that they haven't been faced with before," Lexa teased. "Which I think is a new dynamic for them, because I reckon they feel like they're old hat in this marriage game, and they're not."

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As for how this will all play out when it comes to Megan and Kyle, it makes the stakes even greater. "There is just more at stake. That's what makes this show fun. No one wants to watch people have a great life, it's boring," Michael jokes. "We want to watch struggle and failure and redemption, and very little redemption in Terence's case." Hmm...sounds mysterious.

As for what their ultimate goals as a couple are, everyone's cards will be shown. "Everyone is sort of on a journey…to find their identity. To establish an identity for themselves as they are turning corners in their lives," Jonathan shared. "There is a search for truth for all of them, and that makes all the relationships deeper, interesting and filled with conflict." 

Get the full scoop in the clip above! 

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