Will Kyle and Megan's Big Wedding Even Happen on The Arrangement Season 2? We'll Let Christine Evangelista Explain...

Season two might give the world the most twisted wedding of all time

By Vannessa Jackson Mar 02, 2018 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Christine Evangelista on "Twisted" Season 2 "The Arrangement"

Will they or won't they? 

At the end of season one of The Arrangement, a lot was left up in the air about Megan (Christine Evangelista) and Kyle's (Josh Henderson) wedding. Since Megan is secretly planning the takedown of the Institute for the Higher Mind, and the one person that means the most to Kyle, it seems like an awkward time to get hitched. 

E! sat down with Christine and creator Jonathan Abrahams to see if this fairytale wedding will really take place. "The wedding planning in particular is kind of interesting that way, because there's just so many external factors that are beyond her control with it," Christine dished. "It's supposed to be this really magical, romantic experience and it's just not. It's this very mathematical thing—contractually obligated, right?"


Suffice to say, being forced into marrying a man who belongs to a program you despise doesn't get your marriage off to a great start. Although they can't dish too much, Jonathan did share that there will be a lot of questions that will finally be answered. 

"Will she have taken Terence down by then?" Jonathan teases. "It can end up in any number of ways, but that's probably what makes it fun I think." One thing is for sure, Megan is not going down without a fight. 

As for the tone of season two, there is still going to be an element of suspense when it comes to Megan and Kyle. "We did a major shift half way through...it was this sort of romantic love story, and it ended up this romantic thriller," Christine shared. No matter what happens, it's going to be worth the watch! 

Get all the juicy details in the video above!

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