Ross Mathews may have won second place and the $25,000 favorite houseguest prize, but he also succeeded at one other important task in the Celebrity Big Brother house: getting the White House scoop from Omarosa. 

The TV personality was named runner-up to Broadway star Marissa Jaret-Winokur in last night's finale, which also saw the eviction of reality TV legend Omarosa Manigault

Several times throughout the season, Ross was shown sitting down with Omarosa and getting her to spill some shocking (or not-so-shocking) anecdotes about her time as an aide in the Trump administration, which Mathews says he felt was basically his job. 

"Listen, I felt like I was an investigative journalist in that house, and I needed to get all the scoop from the O, from the Omarosa," he tells E! News in the video above. "So every time we sat down to talk, I would just sort of ask a little question. If I don't win a Pulitzer for this, there is no justice." 

Since this interview took place just an hour or two after he got out of the Big Brother house after being sequestered from all news and social media for a month, Mathews had a few concerns. 

"Did the White House address it?" he wanted to know. "Did Trump tweet about me?" 

Mathews had a lot to say about Omarosa after living with her for the past month, but after checking to make sure she wasn't within earshot, he explained what he discovered about Lady O's social game inside the house.

"The truth is this—I had Omarosa's number from minute one, OK, because when Omarosa tells you one plus one equals five, don't waste time doing the math. Figure out what five is, and make sure you don't give it to her." 

For more about Omarosa, click play on the first video above, and click play on the second video to hear Ross' reaction to winning second place and the title of America's Favorite Houseguest. 

Big Brother will return to CBS this summer. 

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