Inside Jennifer Lopez's Twins' Super Sweet 10th Birthday Party

Her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez was unable to be there in person but he wished Max and Emme a happy birthday via FaceTime

By Corinne Heller Feb 23, 2018 8:04 PMTags

Happy birthday, Max and Emme!

Jennifer Lopez and ex-husband Marc Anthony's twin son and daughter, who she dubs her "coconuts," turned 10 on Thursday and celebrated their birthday with their mom at Sugar Factory Las Vegas at the Fashion Show Mall—about a mile away from the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, where J.Lo has her Jennifer Lopez: All I Have concert residency. Max and Emme were presented with a Super Mario themed cake and chocolate sloth cake and other sweet treats. 

More than two dozen people, including the kids' friends and Lopez's dancers and other colleagues, attended the bash, which included dancing, E! News has learned. J.Lo posted on Instagram several photos and videos from the party.

The twins were very excited when they arrived, smiling ear-to-ear and pointing out the decorations to their mother. The party took place in the main dining area of the restaurant, in a section that was cordoned off with stanchions and velvet ropes and decorated with brightly colored balloons, flowers, rubber ducks and big glass goblets filled with rainbow colored candy. Security guards were placed around the perimeter and prevented the public from approaching the family.

Lopez's boyfriend Alex Rodriguez was unable to attend the party but she did FaceTime with him as servers brought out a King Kong sundae, which contains two dozen scoops and flaming sparklers, and he wished the twins a happy birthday. 

Smile Time

In between the celebrating, Jennifer snaps a selfie with her growing daughter. 

Birthday Bliss

There's nothing like a mother-son bond. 

Emme's Birthday Surprise Face

J.Lo's daughter cannot contain her excitement!

Super Mario Cake

When you reach the end of this cake, you realize the princess is in another castle.

Maybe She Won't Notice...

Max contemplates sneaking a taste...

Chocolate Sloth Cake

Emme gets a chocolatey creation.

Bottoms Up!

A server pours a sweet cocktail.

Party Favors

What's better than a gummy bear? A 10-pound gummy bear.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's Blended Family Photos

J.Lo and A-Rod then continued their conversation in private for a few minutes.

After the massive ice cream creation was brought out, Emme squealed and danced around in joy. She and Max then grabbed their spoons and began to dig in before encouraging their mother to join them, which she did.

Lopez and her kids left with some sweet gifts, including candy-filled plush animal toys and a 10-pound gummy bear—one pound for each year. On their way out, J.Lo thanked restaurant staff members for showing her family such a great time.

Earlier in the day, J.Lo posted on Instagram sweet throwback videos of her twins in honor of their birthdays.

"It's hard to get my head around the fact that it's been 10 years since these two forces of nature came into my world and changed my life forever..." she wrote. "You healed my soul and rejuvenated my existence... you taught me about love and life and myself in a way I never imagined... and I am forever in love with those beautiful faces."

—Reporting by Holly Passalaqua

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