Chloe Kim is a girl after our own heart. 

After making history at the 2018 Winter Olympics with her gold medal win, the 17-year-old snowboarder continues to prove she's somehow even cooler off the halfpipe. Case in point: Chloe is seriously crushing on a particular Riverdale star and admits her guilty pleasure is watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians!

As the Southern California native told E! News, KJ Apa is her celebrity dream guy. "Is that how you say his last name?" she teased. "There are some cuties on that show, not bad. Really attractive!" 

Chloe also admits Kendall Jenner is her fave of the Kard-Jenner bunch ("She seems chill") and she's a big fan of the Beverly Hills and Atlanta Real Housewives franchises, saying, "That's some good stuff." 

Chloe Kim, KJ Apa

Getty Images

Kim doesn't think her life is "interesting enough" to have reality TV cameras follow her every move, but it sounds as if her suddenly "super popular" and "celebrity" family members might feel differently. 

The athlete's father's reaction to her winning run in PyeongChang captivated the hearts of many, and let's just say the elder Kim is ready for his closeup. 

"I think it's rad," Chloe dished. "My dad came up to me and was like, ‘Chloe, I need a bodyguard. I'm a celebrity now.' I got so many pictures of him at the bottom of the halfpipe during the Olympics just surrounded by cameras and people trying to talk to him. He just has the biggest smile on his face. I don't know how he does that! He just has the best attitude about things and is a pretty rad human." 

Chloe considers herself "super lucky" to have the support of her relatives, with extended family members from Korea traveling to watch the games. 

She added, "My grandma was really stoked. Apparently my aunt played videos of me at the Olympics at their church and now she's just super popular. Everyone loves my grandma. She's getting asked for interviews by the Korean media and she's hyped. She's loving life."

For more on Chloe's time at the Olympics, including her take on joining the Dancing With the Stars cast, press play on the videos above! 

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