Truth or Trash: Is Beyoncé Being Too Cheap?! Has Jessica Biel Already Started Teaching Her Son About Sex?!

Find out the truth about all the rumors floating around Hollywood

By Vannessa Jackson Feb 09, 2018 12:59 AMTags

We're breaking down all the latest Hollywood gossip! 

Could Beyoncé really be a cheapskate? Word on the street is that she's staying at the Beverly Hills hotel and won't even tip one cent. How much truth is there to this rumor? Not much! Queen Bey is a lot of things, but cheap is not one of them. 

When it comes to Jessica Biel, is she already teaching her two-year-old son Silas about sex? Yes, that is definitely true! The star opened up recently about how she and husband Justin Timberlake have been educating their son early. Why is Gwyneth Paltrow under fire?

Watch the clip above to get the full story! 

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