Lindsay Lohan Reciting Her 8 Favorite Mean Girls Quotes Is So Fetch

See the actress reenact some of the most memorable lines from the beloved 2004 movie

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Lindsay Lohan is sharing her eight favorite Mean Girls quotes. The actress, who starred as Cady Heron in the beloved 2004 movie, laughs her way through a video for in which she recites some of the most memorable lines from the film.

"Hi I'm Lindsay Lohan and these are my eight favorite lines from Mean Girls," she says in the video before kicking off the list with, "The limit does not exist."

Taking the seventh spot is the quote, "We only carry sizes one, three and five, you could try Sears." Commenting on the line, Lindsay says, "That's so mean. Could we say something other than Sears? What's funnier?"

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Someone then tells Lindsay that the line from the movie says "Sears," to which she jokingly replies, "Oh, damn you, Tina Fey!"

And taking the sixth spot is the Regina George (Rachel McAdams) quote, "That is the ugliest effing skirt I've ever seen."

During a recent interview with Wendy Williams, Lindsay shared that she wants a Mean Girls reunion, but the creators are currently focused on the Mean Girls Musical. Maybe that means there's hope for a reunion sometime in the future!

So which quotes took the top five spots? Watch the video above to find out!

In her interview with W, Lindsay also shared her dreams for the future, which include attending the Oscars.

"But I don't want to go just to go," she tells the publication. "I want to go because I have accomplished something great, and I just want to be there for the film."

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